RAW rating causes panic, more on Randy Orton/Dolph

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. PWMania

    Panic = good show normally. After this bullshit PPV is over and then hopefully a relatively decent MITB (not including the ME) we can start to look forward to RAW again. :true:
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  2. I just hope they don't push the escape button on the Cena feud and throw him into the title feud again cause they think that will save them. Just have Cena appear. Cena equals ratings no matter where he is on the card. I think RAW since TLC has shown that Cena still draws even without the spinner on his waist.
  3. So glad to hear this.
  4. I'd rather Cena vs Punk than this crappy storyline Cena is in now.
  5. Awesome news. But... why did Orton RKO Miz, again?

    So WWE's panicking... Hopefully the show will be better, but we don't know that yet.

    I hope WWE realizes that the fans will remember what happened at MITB last year, when Punk took the wrestling world by storm. If Punk continues to be this boring ass vanilla babyface character, it'll really start to shine through then especially if the commentators just ignore the whole thing happened.

    A Cena vs Punk rematch then wouldn't be a bad idea because of last year, but it doesn't make storyline sense with Johnny Ace's issues with Cena. But, Daniel Bryan may win at the PPV (much to the shagrin of Vince McMahon) and we could get a Punk/Bryan Straight-Up Rematch at MITB (which would be so much better than having it at No Way Out), and then the real WWE Money Feud for Summerslam: John Cena vs Daniel Bryan. A fanbase divided, it seems that everyone likes one of these two and nobody likes both.
  6. Nice post. Of course #wwelogic needed to flex its muscles and have Miz buried by a suspended superstar. Durr, who else was going to bury Miz this week before he promotes the company on like 100 different radio shows and television appearances and being one of the biggest draws.
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  7. Speaking of panic...

    Oh, brother. This oughta be good.
  8. Prepare for major overhauls people. Vince will soon go into attack mode. What will he priorities? His wife's political campaign or good content that draws.

    I also agree with Rain 100 perchents :steiner: about the Cena story situation. We don't need no #Creativegenius fuckin this up.
  9. The thing with Vince going into panic mode is it could just as easily be a bad thing as opposed to people assuming it's a good thing.

    Vince being more hands on = mixed bag of results at best. Vince could easily think oh no, bad ratings.. MORE JOHN CENA!!!
  10. I'm not sure. It's consistent now, when ratings consistently drop it's not a one-off, you have no excuse. It's darn proof that your product is declining. That's when Vince reacts. Despite his crazy mind he still can be a genius.
  11. The question is will he be a genius or a mad genius.

    Will he be Steve Hawkins or Emmett Brown?
  12. There was the time in 2007, when Cena was injured. So they reacted as they always did and pushed Triple H back into the title picture. The ratings then declined further because the fans were sick and tired of everything revolving around Triple H, so they then brought Jeff Hardy up to the main event scene.

    Wonder how long it will take until Cena reaches the level Triple H did then? It can't be too far away, can it?
  13. What I wonder is did the WWE take all that aired at the same time this Monday into equation? History channel débuted a new show that did insanely well. NBA Playoffs. Memorial day. Holidays etc. I am not defending the shitty product but there was a lot going on that Monday.
  14. History Channel = completely different demo
    NBA playoffs = there are always sports to compete with. If not NBA playoffs than it's Monday Night Football or NCAA Basketball championships or something
    Memorial Day = possibly less people at home watching TV, but that would effect the total # of viewers, not the rating. Rating takes into account the # of people that are watching TV at the given time period
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  15. Last year on memorial day it was 3.2 and the year before it was 3.4 I think or something. No excuses for this rating.
  16. This is already 3rd or 4th time Raw goes 2.7-2.8 during Punk's reign. Just sayin'.
  17. Considering this 2.7 is the lowest rating since September 2011 I'd guess not Joe, but the ratings have been pretty low but one star doesn't make a bad rating imo.
  18. Isn't September when Punk won the title? :bury:
  19. To be honest I've been so bored I have no idea. I didn't think it's been that long but Randy Savage knows best.
  20. November 20th, actually. A day that will live in infamy.

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