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  1. Viewership for the July 30 episode of Raw dropped significantly from last week's 1,000th episode as the program averaged a 3.08 cable rating compared to 3.84. The overall rating was down 20 percent from the milestone show and is the lowest mark since June 4.

    Raw averaged 4,490,000 viewers over the course of three hours and 4,710,000 from 9:00 p.m. to past 11:00 p.m. Overall viewership was down 22 percent from last week's 6,019,000 figure and is the smallest audience since June 4.

    Raw drew a 2.79 rating with 4,060,000 viewers in hour one, a 3.21 cable rating with 4,720,000 viewers in hour two, and a 3.25 rating with 4,700,000 viewers in the final hour.
  2. Glad the last hour increased. good signs for Punk.
  3. Good, bad, average or other? I don't really follow ratings.
  4. Bad compared to the recent ratings but normal when compared to the average rating.
  5. That's what they get for putting 3 hour. Could've received around 3.2 with 4.71m viewers.

    Getting very close to go back to the 2's.
  6. It's really not good Seabs.
    Only 3.08 average per hour :/
  7. Seems average for a three hour show.
  8. expected ratings to drop that much :haha:
  9. -RingSideNews.com

    Cena vs Big Show draws like crazy... :sad:
  10. Indeed. Massive gain there. Well, from a kayfabe standpoint it makes sense I guess.
  11. Who cares about the ratings, as long as you enjoy the show it shouldn't matter.
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  12. I agree HOWEVER the ratings are important because if they go down then they will improve the show.
  13. If they continue the RAW they are going like last week, they may just increase in ratings. It might be to much though for some casual fans to watch 3 hours each week, most likely they'll just watch who they want, then turn stop watching for that night.
  14. That tends to happen during each episode. when you see the ratings breakdown ratings will go up and down significantly during different segments. People watch who they want to then fuck off

    All i hope is that the ratings reflect the quality of the show
  15. I dont want a 3 hour RAW. I just want raw and smackdown to be seperate 2 hour shows like it was before. no Super Raw shit. Otherwise every title in smackdown including the heavyweight title will become irrelevant soon, and the smackdown superstars will only be seen as 2nd tier.
  16. It's really just something to discuss on a slow Tuesday, nothing more.

    I... almost agree with all of this, nice post. *Splashes water over my face to wake myself up* They seem to be better at writing for 3 hours instead of 2, otherwise 2 would be much better. Wouldn't say the SD roster will get buried since it's all one big roster now, but that WHC is completely pointless w/o the brand split.
  17. JeebaK actually making sense.
  18. He seems to quite a lot tbh, he's not obsessing over the AE like he once did and blood. Now he's thinking exactly how most of us think.
  19. Maybe all hope is not lost.
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