RAW Rating - NFL Game leads to least watched RAW of the year

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 25, 2012.

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  2. NFL whoopin dat ass
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  3. WWe need to step up their game
  4. :lol1: They're screwed.
  5. Next week they are going up against Bears/Cowboys lmao, so they will really get their doors blown off. Dallas probably has more fans than anyone in the US, and Chicago is top 5 or 6 at worst.
  6. I wonder how long will it take for WWE to do something about it, or if they'll just go "it's Football season, we'll be OK when it ends" or similar.
  7. I've never really paid close attention to ratings in the past, but I'm pretty positive they always go down during football season. Football is king
  8. It's not a bad thing that they say "fuck it, it's football season", because nothing they do is going to make people turn to watch wrestling. Football is the ultimate casual fan's sport, especially Monday Night Football. Ratings are going to be bad for a while. It's a common misconception that if you improve the quality of the show next week ratings will improve dramatically, it won't when America has football to watch. That is just the harsh truth.
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  9. lol, how is that not a bad thing from a viewer's perspective? It makes sense business wise but it sucks dick as a fan to know that you probably won't be seeing any memorable shows until at least the build for the RR
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  10. Maybe this means vince will come back again :yay:
  11. Ehh whatever. It's football, with the shitty product they were doing for months, and three hours being to long, NFL is a better alternative.
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