RAW Ratings are in and they are not good...

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  1. Viewership data for Monday’s 12/3 edition of WWE RAW and the show lost almost a half million viewers from last week.

    This week’s RAW averaged 3,437,000 viewers with the following hourly numbers:

    Hour 1: 3,580,000
    Hour 2: 3,370,000
    Hour 3: 3,360,000

    RAW’s overall viewership and the show’s final hour were the lowest they’ve been since RAW expanded to 3 hours on a weekly basis back in July.

    NFL Monday Night Football on ESPN had over 16 million viewers this week, way up from last week’s 11 million viewers.

    RAW’s best hour (Hour 1) ranked #8 on cable for the evening.
  3. what's the rating?
  4. Don't think they will know the official one yet, but those viewerships look bad.
  5. WWE doesn't care about weekly ratings. Vince isn't Eric Bischoff. He has his business model, and it works. Things will pick up when they always pick up. Leading up to the Rumble.
  6. I'm not entirely sure how the ratings work, but I believe it was a 3.2 for the whole 3 hours.
  7. Is there anyway of telling how these would translate against a two hour RAW yet?
  8. 3.2? that's way too good to be true. I think it's around 2.7 or something.
  9. A 3.2 is a good rating for a 3 hour RAW. Like Hoss said a 2.7 or possibly a 2.6 is more likely if it was the supposed "worst rated" 3 hour RAW yet.
  10. Lol it won't be a 3.2.
  11. Two weeks ago, it drew an average of 3.8m and got a 2.72 rating.
    Are these determined on a set way, or does it change week by week depending on things? If so, looks like it's gonna be like a 2.6?
  12. As noted earlier, Monday’s RAW had just 3.44 million million viewers. The show did a 2.55 overall rating, down from last week’s 2.72. This was the lowest number for RAW in nearly 15 years for a non-holiday show.

    2.55. FUCKING HELL.
  13. How long would they have to get for WWE to care enough so that they changed back to 2 hours?
  14. Low ratings. :lol1:
  15. I don't think WWE ever wanted 3 hours. They would probably change back for next week if they could. It's the network wanting them to be on 3 hours.
  16. This. WWE most likely cares neither. Vince himself says that weekly wrestling is best in a 2 hour format. The 3 hour thing is USA capitalizing on it's most watched show and cash cow.
  17. Now you mention it that does makes sense, just remembered that Vince quote about 90 mins being the perfect length for a wrestling show or something along those lines.
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  18. Yes, that is true, USA are the ones who want 3 hours and Vince has said a perfect wrestling show has 90 minutes.
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  19. They make an extra $100,000+ from it I think, but I agree nonetheless.

    90 minutes he said was the best.
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  20. 2.5, keep it going down, this random rumble for the owner business was interesting, but the product is just trash IMO.
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