RAW ratings breakdown 04/08/13

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  2. Henry fucking draws big time. Why he isn't carrying RAW on his back I'll never know.
  3. #WWElogic.
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  4. When are they going to realize nobody likes the Miz? Week in and week out his segments lose 100,000+ viewers.
  5. He's shoved in jobber timeslots now.
  6. He should be shoved off of a bridge :otunga:
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  7. People naturally tune in for the overrun. Were probably expecting Rock or Brock and were pissed to see Ryback lol.
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  8. So, we were just reading Tons of Funk were draws. So much for that.

    Of course the final segment drew massively, it's the two biggest draws on the roster facing each other.
  9. Oh god yes, I'd be happy to do it and go to jail for doing it :dawg:
  10. Ratings Henry doing work as always, great.
  11. Anyone wondering why that Tons Of Funk match was scrapped from Mania, this breakdown gives a pretty good idea. It's also nice to see that the third biggest gain of the night was also the segment that I quit watching Raw during.
  12. I never take much notice of the break downs in those quarters. I think they drop every single time. Sweet T is amazing.
  13. ziggler and bryan gained? Sounds about right.
  14. Perhaps they do but still the magnitude of the drop is something to take note of, especially when it's apparently one of the worst rated segment in a while.
  15. Plus they had the crowd too, how could people turn away after hearing the crowd during Sheamful/Boreton?
  16. What makes me laugh is the fact WWE will come to the conclusion that the gain is because everyone wanted to see the match so much.
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