Raw Ratings Breakdown 4/15

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. First part was prowrestling.net, second part was PWMania quoting Meltzer.

    Really odd to see two well drawing segments (Ziggler and Punk) being followed by ratings increases for filler.
  2. I'm surprised the Diva's match gained xD. Though it does have Kaitlyn <3
  3. Punk draws again. :phew:
  4. Nobody wants to see Kofi, so let's put a title on him. Brilliant!
  5. Hell No drawing? Not that surprised. Not surprised about most of the draws, only shocked by the divas gaining.
  6. I'm just surprised that awful show didn't peak during the opening segment and slowly lose from their. Literally nothing of interest in that dog shit show.
  7. Maybe a lot of people fell asleep watching it so got counted as a view?
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  8. This might actually be Vince's plan for getting viewers :vince:
  9. 30k gain isn't a draw.
  10. Hell No drawing isn't a surprise, but once Prime Time Jobbers showed up you knew this segment was filler that we've seen god knows how many times. For it to gain on an already big gain that Ziggler created is pretty impressive.
  11. Divas gaining viewers huh. Weird. Other than that nothing out of the usual.
  12. I don't usually make much out of these breakdowns, honestly. There's some who draw well one week but not so the next, and vice versa. Sometime they draw well in bad slots, sometimes they don't. Unless someone is constantly gaining viewers week after week (The Rock) or constantly losing viewers (Sheamus), I don't think these tell us that much.
  13. Raw was not good. the ownly thing that was good was Brock and CM Punk!
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