RAW Ratings Breakdown

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Bryan & Ryback drawing :yay:
  2. Sheamus draws.
  3. *Bryan drawing. Lol
  4. 2.65 lulz. Smackdown worthy numbers
  5. Someone give Sheamus an "I Outdrew Del Rio and All I Got was this T-Shirt" T-Shirt.

    Surprised (thrilled) that Hunter and the McMahons didn't draw.
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  6. Am I the only one that doesn't look at ratings breakdowns and put any genuine stock into them? You can pick up on trends over time but to just look at segment A transition to segment B and some more viewers show up and say "wrestler X draws!!" is retarded IMO.
  7. I think the irony in my OP went over people's heads unfortunately... Anyway, I made that same post a few weeks ago in a rating thread. The same applies when there are big losses and people instantly blame the wrestler (of course Miz gets the blame, it's only right). However, I think these numbers can be useful if there is a consistency between a wrestler doing well/bad with numbers. If you sat in a room with two years worth of RAW breakdowns, you would quite quickly establish that Cena is a draw for example.
  8. Most of us are joking, know Seabs is. There's some stuff you can see from it though.
    There's little ebbs and flows (Sheamus gaining viewers really doesn't mean anything), and the top of the hour always draws well so if there's a lackluster top of the hour that's pretty telling.
    If there's a huge drop that's an awful sign.
  9. I assumed most knew how to properly read ratings breakdowns but was just double checking. As you were
  10. The Divas' gained viewers? :robbie:
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