RAW Ratings Breakdown

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. PWmania
  2. AJ pwning everyone :boss1:
  3. Male teens are fucking pathetic lmao. Go watch soap operas if you find this shit entertaining you in-closet homos
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  4. And our hero, Drew Mcintyre, stopped a ratings decline! Woo!

    Seriously, there are so many variables for these that it's hard to judge anything. But male teens being drawn to the AJ Drama makes sense... chances are they're used to girls like AJ.
  5. We aren't pathetic, we are awesome. :win:
  6. Male teens standing around because she said she was going to marry someone? How cute.

    Bob Backlund lost viewers? It must be Sin Cara's fault, since people didn't expect a legend to return and thought Slater was just going to job to him... yeah, that's it.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Wasn't WWE looking for ways to attract male teen viewers a while back? I predict we'll see more soap opera-like storylines, AJ, or both put together if they want to increase views in that demographic.
  9. Fml

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  10. I hope so. This storyline is epic.
  11. Well, it's just an assumption, I could be wrong.

    But I did guess Bob Backlund was returning weeks in advance. :downer:
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. WWE wanting male teens? Why is the product PG then. Male teens don't need parental guidance to see blood and slightly sexually-orientated content.

    That's what the internet's for. :lol1:
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  14. :boss1:
  15. There's really 3 people on here that hate this storyline... and neither of us want AJ.

    -I think she's that girlfriend we all had as teenagers who was really hot and gave great sex, but was terrible to date and you always have to be paranoid about her, and eventually you just had to break up with her. She's just not worth the trouble.
    -Dolph's just doesn't find her that hot, and on TV that's really all you can go on.
    -GrammarNazi82 is probably straight.

    Ironically, we're also the older people on here (throw Cloud in the mix too, he hated that on Raw) Guess the key to us understanding that story is to invent a time machine (and to turn GrammarNazi) to turn back to our teen years.
  16. That happens? :urm:
  17. There was no point in my lifetime where I would have found this storyline entertaining, and it has nothing to do with how attractive I find (or don't find) AJ to be.
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  18. It was probably just worded terribly.
  19. I hate how you think this storyline is based on looks Rainman. If I cared about the hot women on RAW I'd love the divas division. Ironically, I have my piss breaks and snack breaks whenever a divas match appears. If it doesn't, I use Tensai or Big Show. I don't think AJ's hot at all really, I wouldn't say no, but her attractiveness has nothing to do with mine and most others opinion on the storyline. I honestly think you overrate looks on RAW, I doubt any boy/man cares who's hot or not on RAW any more since there's the internet.

    Age has nothing to do with it either. It's obviously opinion based. Those who like it probably like the uniqueness of the storyline and like how well AJ is being used to bring out Bryan and Punk's character. Those who hate it obviously don't like the fact AJ is between two of the best wrestlers in WWE and the feud is more or less centred around her (which it's not if you look into it).
  20. No, it's just that since it never happened to me I was asking for a confirmation. How could I know? I'm :alone:.
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