News Raw ratings down, shut the door Vince is dead :pipebomb:

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. Monday’s WWE Raw scored a 2.71 cable TV rating, which is down from the previous week’s 2.88 rating. The episode averaged 3.825 million viewers, down from last week’s average of 3.992 million viewers.

    Raw did 3.914 million first hour viewers, 3.802 million the second hour, and 3.759 million viewers in the final third hour.

    Raw ranked #3 on cable TV Monday night, behind Monday Night Football and the VH-1 special.

    Source: Pwmania
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  2. I know I was watching MNF during raw. Didn't watch till after, not sure if it counts me recording it as being tuned in though :hmm:
  3. As a loser who lives on a wrestling forum I completely forgot it was even coming on.
  4. VH-1 had a special?
    Pretty sure I watched as a creature of habit. Wasn't a spectacular episode to say the least.
  5. *googles* They had a documentary about the group TLC. Oh, I don't want no scrubs... :downer:
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  6. So basically a TLC documentary beat out Raw? :lol1:
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  7. :lol1: That's just great. How's your self esteem now, Vince! Bet you need some TLC for that.

    Yeah, but didn't you hear? John Cena's coming back! All the ratings problems will be fixed just like *snaps fingers* that!

    (Seriously, is it just me who doesn't think he's going to help? The kids at school who actually care must already be buzzing about it...)
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  8. HHH will destroy company's reputation.
  9. vince please come back.
  10. hey lets face it thoug, MNF was a big game as such, the Manning hype and game build up probably did take a fair amount of viewers away from RAW
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  11. I can picture Vince bringing back XFL. If I remember right, that is the name?
  12. Orton bored me so much I fell asleep.
    Daniel Bryan/Orton has gone boring.
    Punk/Heyman has dragged to long to the point where I actually dont care anymore.
    Something needs to happen because Triple H and Stephanie are ruining the business. Ratings show people feel the same.
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  13. Close the doors Vince it's over lol
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  14. It's normal this time of the year.
  15. Still not as bad as TNA ratings
  16. Lol wwe spends millions and can't even draw flies to shit, totally time to close the doors Vince. Out of buildness within a month with none drawing turds like Brock and CM PUNK.

    Can't say I give a fuck about ratings though.
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