RAW Ratings - March 12th

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. Nothing too surprising about the rating for me.
  2. Some gain.
    Not really getting the rating thing. Is it high or low?
  3. That's not good enough.

    Nice viewership though.
  4. Yeah, I guess a lot of people wanted to see Rock's Concert.

    I know one of the RAW before (feb 27th or somewhere at feb.) had around 3.6 rating with 5 million viewers. This one had almost 5 million viewers at 3.27 rating.
  5. Well, probably that shit will make them bat-shit crazy.
  6. Barely any gain and it's still considered low.

    So many disappointed viewers.
  7. True, it's wasn't THAT good for what I've seen.
  8. Old raw used to have alot more than that but now i can see why it dropped
  9. The rating deserved less to be honest.
  10. I'm surprised tbh, I expected a bigger rating with The Rock being on.
  11. Well, you got a lot of viewers who wanted to see The Rock but RAW didn't do so great and the ratings went downhill.
  12. #ThePartILikedAtRaw

    Otunga being over-oiled.
  13. Haha yeah. Loved his entrance. :otunga:
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