RAW Ratings - The fans are pleased.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Great ratings for RAW. It seems childish dominant Cena is drawing his tits off.
  2. Very good rating. Well, let's see if they can keep it up. I think abusing Cena draws ratings after all... :facepalm1:
  3. Nice ratings once again. It's probably getting higher cuz it's near the 1,000th RAW episode but this week's RAW was good and deserved that much.
  4. Depends which review you read :emoji_wink:.
  5. what was it last week.
  6. It definitely deserved a decent rating. I'm just scared that this childish asshole Cena we're seeing is WWE panic mode. He needs to gtfo immediately.
  7. 3.4 ratings with 4,963,000 viewers.
  8. I'll agree, the show as a whole deserved a decent rating.
  9. i think the whole returning legends could be drawing a bit as well... like vader, piper and psycho sid... i think thats pretty cool and could be bringing in some older viewers from way back when
  10. And they get to see the legends go one on one with the Ginger demon that is Slater.
    Slater time!
  11. Slater is boss :boss1:
  12. haha
    i dont know what it is but i actually sort of like him (despite his hair colour of course)
    all yesterday i was singing his "im a one man baaaaaaand" song
  13. Slater cracks me up so much atm his goofy segments kinda work and he pulls them off well.
  14. Slater is one of the most used wrestlers in WWE. In a way he is like Dolph since he is extremely good at making others look good. Give him a decent mid card heel push and he could be money.
  15. @[Stopspot] so true they could use this guy to help get ppl over from mid card to the top as he'll be an epic mid card heel.
  16. RAW's been on a role, getting decent ratings for the past 3 weeks.
  17. agreed... maybe he could help swagger get something going for him.. cos atm he aint doing shit
  18. Scary right considering it aint been the greatest.
  19. Imagine how the ratings will be for the 1000th epsidoe... non-WWE fans will probably tune in, all the casuals/hardcore WWE fans will tune in, etc. etc. It better be a good show or there will be NO! chants and riots...
  20. I also want to see how Raw 1000 will do in the ratings. It's three hours, so that's a prelude for lower ratings, however, with all the hyping and promoting the ratings will probably be pretty high. I'm still not sure though, pretty curious.
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