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  1. This is a post that I'm totally ripping from the Pro Wrestling forums, but it's something that I thought would be interesting for people to look at. It was posted two weeks ago and looks at the average ratings that each person brings in and ranks them. Here it is: http://forums.prowrestling.com/showthread.php?t=116491&p=3690554&highlight=#post3690554

    So, Punk isn't the anti-draw some have made him out to be, Big Show is outdrawing Cena (ouch), Sheamus isn't a draw, and surprisingly, neither is AJ. And Vickie Guerrero is a draw? Urgh. Also, I thought I remember hearing that Miz drew in a decent amount of viewers but this shows otherwise, possibly because of the way he's been booked the last several months.
  2. No surprise on Miz and Sheamus, gotta admit I'm surprised Cena isn't above Show.
  3. I don't understand rankings much. Someone splane me! SPLANE ME NOW! :angry: :please:
  4. Thank you so much for stealing this, incredible read.

    Assuming it's true and Punk is the biggest draw in WWE (not really surprising since his segments are the most entertaining), that's great news for fans and for WWE, and from the numbers you're listing the smart-marks certainly are a bigger part of the audience than they say, but it also shows how much booking plays a factor in a superstar's drawing ability (which we already pretty much knew).

    As Russo once said, if an act doesn't get over, it's the wrestler's fault. As the rest of the world said, Russo's a fucktard.

    Treat a guy who was once one of your most over superstars because of Youtube as Kane's personal bitch? He won't draw anymore. Send Sheamful out to squash yet another jobber? Fans get pissed and change the channel in droves... Rofl.

    But... why the hate for Cesaro? Marella being on the bottom of the list I certainly understand (and maybe fans turned off their asinine feud in droves, dragging them both down)
  5. This pretty much rapes any Punk hater who calls him out for not being a draw.

    Very interesting read. So not only has Sheamus not won fans over with his super booking, he doesn't draw in segments either? He loses? Jesus.
  6. Very nice to see. Good to know Punk is a draw, Vince being the second guy doesn't really surprise me. Not happy to see Cesaro as such an anti-draw though.
  7. Anyone else to say that Punk is not a draw? :pity:
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  12. Doesn't matter how many jokes Punk pulled out during the feud, because in the end everything was the way it should be:


  13. Edited it.

    Triple H going over Punk was never good for business lol.
  14. Of course it was. That vanilla midget thought he had pull in there lol, the boss just put him in his place. And if he goes out of line one more time he'll do it again :bury:
  15. That loss affected Punk's momentum, how exactly was that good for business?
  16. Naw, I'm just teasing you. I see your point, it did slow his momentum down and all. Although the transition into a somewhat generic face character did get in the way.
  17. To be fair, his segment times probably inflated the number. He was virtually always in the ME and possibly in other prime segments as well.

    But it proves he's not an anti-draw.
  18. Doesn't viewership tend to almost always drop in the third hour, though?

    The thing I've noticed is that Punk started getting good ratings when Raw went to three hours, which just happens to be when Punk started being booked in the main event as a world champion should be. Before that, he was being booked under Cena and whoever Cena was feuding with. I think it shows people started caring about him more when he wasn't being treated as a mid-card world champion.
  19. Never realised how much viewers were lost during the amazing Lawler/Punk/Heyman segment.
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