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  1. So i just got back from tonight's post wrestlemania Raw and I have to say it is hands down the greatest wrestling event I have ever been to as I knew it would be. This topped mania in itself and it was catered to the IWC if you really look at the results.

    Btw Superstars had some good tag matches, worth checking out.

    The biggest pop of the night goes to Ziggler, the crowd was chanting we want Ziggler before the show even started.

    The crowd who was bored with Sheamus and Orton chanted random things and at one point they chanted for the ice cream guy. The ice cream man in the rafters then began dancing which got a bigger pop then some superstars.

    Despite Fandango getting over with the crowd singing his theme, they were quite quiet during his intro.

    Also this wasn't a fully active crowd. Only the TV side was active with the exception of my section, which I pumped up. Started a "you fucked up chant" as well as "Thank You Big Show" highlight of my night lol. I started other chants but they didn't make it to the other half of the arena which was more active than mine

    Barrett had a few European fans all bunched up in one section, so they really got the crowd going for him.

    When Raw ended the fans chanted Fndango's theme song yet again and Cena got right up, no selled, and started dancing. He then said this "Fandango's theme song?" I don't want to misquote him but he was pointing out the chants we all did but he said the best one we did was the "we are awesome" chant. He mentioned how we made the superstars tonight by giving them great reaction. Most importantly he mentioned how great the crowd was for Ziggler and that he appreciated it. He mentioned how Rock wasn't at the show but he ushered in the people's era.

    After the show ended people were still singing the theme song and it was even played in the parking lot. One drunk man who tried dancing fell over to my delight.
    The crowd proceeded to do it again.

    Any questions I can answer em, the only thing I missed was Daniel Bryan's entrance, which I regret. Yeah but anyway this show was definitely catered to the IWC.
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  2. What surprised the crowd the most? I thought Barrett winning was pretty unexpected
  3. Barrett had big ovations, but I think as far as surprises, the Shield coming out during Taker's thing was a big surprise, not expected at all. Kane's pyro also made me shit myself. It's not the loudness of it, there's like some sort of force that comes with it, like a shockwave
  4. Were you actually into the Sheamus and Orton match or the chants? Also, what chants were your favourite during that period?
  5. There were spots of that match that were good, but to be completely honest, the chants were way better. I think everyone was tired of Sheamus and Orton, which is why it was like that. I think my favorite chant was the Fandango chant obviously because I didn't know what the fuck they were saying and then I realized it. Our side caught on and then it became our equivalent to Miami's Yes chants.

    There were so many chants I don't think I remember them all. We even had a chant for Mike Kioda during the commercial break.
  6. ^Actually Mike Kioda chants made air :obama:
  7. It started when Justin Roberts was pointing out signs in the crowd. There was a sign with a ref, they showed Mike, and then the crowd chanted it. That was the 1st time it happened
  8. How loud was the crowd for Ryback? it sounded pretty loud on TV but then the show ended. :downer:
    I don't like Ryback at all really, but even I found myself marking a lil' bit (second time this has happened, the other was at the Rumble).

    I assume the crowd was behind him all the way?
  9. I wish every crowd was like this or like the crowd from last year's post-Mania Raw. Only then would we possibly get what we want (Ziggler, DB, No Cena, etc).
    Sadly, that's not the case. :upset:
  10. You(as a crowd) were awesome last night


    Theme song is now more over than Ryder. :true:
  11. Indeed that crowd was great, really made the show a lot better.
  12. Seriously Though...
    Ziggler finally became World Champion
    We got a “JBL” chant, along one for Mike Chioda, RVD, Michael Cole, Jerry the King Lawler
    A freaking wave at a WWE arena
    Shield vs Brothers of Destruction + Daniel Bryan
    That means Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan will be together in the same ring!!!!
    The crowd finally realized how amazing Fandango is and started humming his theme songs.
  13. it was the best atmosphere watching on tv since raw was from birmingham uk (near coventry)

    they should do a raw at ricoh arena coventry, easily get 40000
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