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    Nice review overall. I like the summaries at the end of every segment it looks like you've put alot of effort in to it. The only thing I should point out is this "Randy Orton apparently suffered a hernia disk in his lower back. This will cause the individual severe pain and Randy would be out for a good 3 years". A herniated disk usually takes 6 months to recover without surgery according to this http://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Patients/Health-Conditions/Herniated-or-Ruptured-Disc.aspx . Also your point on Jinder holding a title sometime post mania don't you think he's a bit too green in the ring?

    Good review though I enjoyed it.
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    I have had a close family member suffer this exact, and she has been recovering for over 8 years. She was very fit before this, now not the same level, I normally have to help her a lot of the time. I know Orton is a WWE superstar, meaning his level of fitness is going to be far superior, but I have taken offense to this because I have seen first hand how it changes the person. If Orton had suffered it, they say 6 months, but I guarantee they will never match up to the level before hand, Orton would not be competing for a long while had this been true.

    I think Jinder is great in ring, He uses the Camel Clutch, which is a good light hold, but like one great superstar, Scott Steiner, he could amount to his level. Jinder made a comment "I can be very dangerous when no one expects me" I thought this was going to be a new level for Jinder, However this seems to go nowhere. Jinder has the making of a future champion, minor like US and Intercontentle, but can be achieved. When Rene Dupree was champ, he made a great heel and slingshot Cena's career forward, Jinder could be a Dupree in the making
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    I also have someone in the family who had the same injury as Orton, and the recovery time is 6 months. You might be talking about say a slipped disk or a ruptured ligament or something. The injury report on Orton was completely true, he did suffer a herniated disk that's it. No kayfabe, that's legit. Of course it can weaken your back and make you more likely to more serious injuries in the future, but to say it's a 3 year recovery injury is wrong I'm afraid.

    Jinder is really green. Jinder is being used to make Sheamus look good until Sheamus is put into a real feud.
  4. Crayo why is the name of my thread been changed?
  5. Made it look like a Jericho discussion thread and we have 2 open. It's just advertising your review so I changed the name to your normal ones, lol.
  6. Someone told me to add a title that does relate to your post, this way brings in more traffic. I now give all mine names, sin city smackdown last week, Swagger Jagger. This week Jericho Speaks
  7. That's fine for your site lol. Don't really want people attracted to this thread to talk about Jericho instead of the discussion threads already made.
  8. "I believe that Lauranaitis makes too many mic slurs and when put into the GTS, he just hung there, didn't shake or anything. My opinion is if WWE are getting rid of Lauranaitis, it is because he is still not comfortable out in the ring and on the mic"

    That's not true lmao. Why would they get rid of someone for that reason when he gets the most heat on the show?
  9. That was one hypothesis, the other is that he has served his purpose on RAW. Heck he may not go
  10. "Before CM Punk would take on Lauranaitis, John would receive a letter, which left him a bit confused from the news he received. Lauranaitis would read the letter out loud. To summarise, The board were unhappy with Lauranaitis announcing he will screw CM Punk and his GM position will be reviewed as well as his other position by Triple H next week."

    Bu-bye Johnny Ace, and hello Mr. Otunga :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. God no, that would be just awful
  12. Rumble This sunday. Who will be watching? As only 4 matches (as of this post) have been announced, the Royal Rumble match is expected to be long.
    I predict that they will include a wwe tag team championship match PeR vs The Usos
  13. There's a Royal Rumble discussion thread baws :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. Bawss* Get it right @[Crayo]. :emoji_heart:
  15. nice sig RKO
  16. I can't wait for next week.

    I expect Ziggler to win title and rant about it. He then gets interrupted and receives a new challenger that night or next week.

    Have no idea what will happen with Cena

    Miz will rant that he lost the rumble because he was put in number one unfairly,

    These are just my thoughts
  17. Ziggler isn't winning Sunday.
  18. I believe he will. WWE usually do this type of promotion in a David vs Goliath, similar to Cena vs Batista, but CM Punk has held his own, where as Batista completely dominated Cena in their storyline. This is why I believe CM Punk will lose, because Ziggler has so much momentum.
  19. Ziggler has beaten CM Punk 4 weeks in a row or something stupid? Ended the last RAW standing tall against Punk. Punk will win. Ziggler will then feud with Foley going into WM.
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