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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Ricky Daniels, Jul 8, 2016.

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  1. So this past Monday was the 240th birthday of the worlds "greatest" country. America. This past Monday also was another Raw episode. So the annual day celebrating America's independence meant the American flag was dashed on everything and the National Anthem had to be sung. But the worlds biggest food fight? That shouldn't be a thing. The best thing to come out of the food fight is the ending which made it look like the whole thing was commissioned by the company to let the wrestlers blow off steam and have fun. Which I loved.

    Obviously the day being July 4th meant everyone had to be patriotic, so the first match on the main card had to be Uncle Titus battling big bad Rusev for the US Title. The big patriotic O'Neil came out as Uncle Sam yet lost to the "evil" Rusev. This makes some sense, as you would want some more heat to build up between the obvious heel and face, Rusev and O'Neil. The fans should also be accounted for this, you and myself. Well more you if you're American as Rusev is taking the piss out of you.

    The ironic thing with O'Neil is he got suspended, and came back with a bigger push then any push Cena will ever get. Which suggests, when his 30 days are up, Roman Reigns will be put straight back into the title picture and everything will be as they were before the whole suspension. Which is sad as 99% of the fans don't want Reigns as the guy, they want him as a heel, and if Shane was brought back by popular demand then the fans should be able to ask for that as apparently Vince listened to us small guys.

    The Social Outcast are bigger Jobbers then Whatculture's Jack King, they are used there as a laughing show perhaps even a clown show. But that being said they might make New Day feel proud by evolving into a serious tag team.

    There was a "what the hell are we watching" moment when they came out for their match against the realest guys in the room, Enzo and Cass. If you are American then I feel sorry for you watching that as it was tasteless from creative but, what else do you expect from a jobbing tag team primarily used for cheap "laughs". The match was, I guess fine but as you guessed the fans lapped up Enzo and Cass (which I did do the same as who can't help but join in the realest guys in the room when they start chanting).

    The Charlotte and Sasha segment wasn't ground breaking and at times it remind me of a John Cena rap but not as good , it lacked that special something. Which, thankfully, Ambrose made up for in his match against The Miz and followed through onto the commentary appearance that was pretty impressive. Which leads to the suggestion of Reigns being the only guy who can not work the mic, maybe he should ask his "cousin" Dwyane for some tips.

    I was surprised by Seth, he seemed to have a mediocre match at best and wasn't as clean cut as he claimed it to be. Yes the match itself was pretty decent with back and forth action, the usual match. But the best part was the after match shoot on Roman, and once again Seth made the point, Roman is put as the face of the company as someone kids are meant to be looking up to, yet he took steroids? A life destroying substance, a substance that put WWE in the national exposure it wanted, just not the exposure it wanted. So, Roman is not really being punished and has a slight chance to be written into a storyline of which he gets put into a title shot, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

    The Wyatt Family are a beautiful addition considering the current state of the programing, and 3 hours of boredom is only used by interrogators. But I'm very happy with the way the Wyatt's are suddenly back and are straight in one of their amazing feuds backed with the amazing promo's they always deliver day after day, week after week, month after month. And considering where The New Day were a year ago, this is proof that hard works pays off, not only for The New Day but also for The Wyatt Family.

    It was nice to see former General Manager Vickie Guerrero making her claim for the empty Smackdown position. I miss having a General Manager like her, someone who would come out and cause shit in the middle of a match just because she felt like it. I miss it. One thing I haven't missed is when Smackdown is going live, and maybe with Brother Nero being deleted recently, maybe we might see him on July 19th. And don't get me wrong I love how Ziggler forgot all about Vickie and their little fling in 2010.

    The tiniest splash of patriotism makes me weak at the knees and the Team USA video package made my knees buckle more then then seeing a boob slip by a hot women wrestler. The whole idea is interesting and you know who will win as big Vince loves his country so it is also pointless, but the segment is as a whole well delivered. Just please someone add this face turn into Big Show's list.

    I was concerned when I watch the GoldenTruth go through The Vaudevillains in such a short time, this is shocking. You're making a "popular" tag team seem strong with the only reason being they're in a feud with Breezango. But what does this lead into for The Vaudevillains? Considering they just came out of a high profile feud with Enzo and Cass, and were given a push it begs the question; why were they made to look weak? For the time being we will have to watch and just smile and wave.

    Next up, the Darren Young and Bob Backlund promo's and also another boring moment. I honestly don't know whats worse, these promo's or Roman Reigns on the mic. I hope it's building up to Darren being a part of a title win and being a genuine force with a long title won like his life coach, may I suggest he gets given the US title and have Titus turn heel on him.

    And the man you can't see and Hustling Loyalest Respecting old baby face that is John Cena. I miss his rapping bad ass persona, and it is what we need to make WWE have great viewership again. However the likely hood of this happening could only been brought on by TV-14 being brought back and bleeding to happen, he said that that would be the only way he would turn heel.

    Anyway he moans about AJ, two people the fans love. Real wrestling fans loving AJ as they respect his career, and WWE fans loving Cena. I liked Cena when he debuted and when he's the lesser of two evils but he's in feuds with people who are more deservant of a push instead of a burial. And AJ Styles is one of these guys who needs this push as a main eventer. CM Punk has been the only benefiter from his 2011 rivalry with Cena.

    I was quite happy when The Club came out and put Cena in his place, as it makes Cena look strong yet still makes sure The Club get over. Then the realest guys in the room got involved which makes things even for the whole feud. This feud could be the making for everyone except Cena and could make everyone be the top dog which is what needs to happen considering the brand split requires those top stars.

    The next two fillers were as pointless as a Natalya heel turn. You shouldn't be turning her heel, her uncle Bret Hart and you can't not love Bret and when family is involved (true family) you can't hate their offspring. Unless Bret starts shooting on WWE again which WWE will kill any face run happening and means she will eventually be eased out of the biggest story lines potentially.

    The match, of which Natalya's former friend, Becky Lynch was involved in made everyone looked good and I was impressed with the level of wrestling being put on display. However, the lack of a DQ win for Summer caused by a run in from Natalya was not helpful to the storyline and a win for Summer would of made a big difference.

    The video package for the Multi-National Alliance was clear they will lose the match to Team USA just due to the lack of any organisation perhaps suggesting non Americans can not organise a fight. The positive for this segment being taken from the collusion of Zyan, Cesaro and the Lucha Dragons. Maybe we get to see them in the future as a tag team?

    The New Day. They are back at the crude jokes again and I hope these continuous crude jokes are going to result in a TV-14 change or they might just be a thing for older audiences to enjoy. Anyway these jokes about the whole Wyatt Family being insest and "their sisters liking their misters" is too far considering the companies standing with trying to build an image of young children and families.

    I hate to think these jokes are making The New Day seem more of the jokers. But that is the truth, they're getting more of a novelty. But, I would be happy to listen to Bray's voice all day, everyday.

    The feud got serious again though considering the Wyatts brainwashed Xavier slightly moulding him into a more serious character and more credible.

    Then the 16 man tag match has potential to be great, they used some great talent and any big elimination tag team match should still be taken as a good idea. 3 Mexicans, 3 Canadians, a Irish man and a Swiss man; sounds like a joke doesn't it. But the good thing, they all can fight and they all might turn on each other making the whole match becoming pointless.

    The first few eliminations happened so quickly I got scared the match would become a shit match; thankfully Jack Swagger redeemed the match shortly after with a blast from the past when himself and Cesaro re-teamed and warmed the hearts of many including Zeb Colter. The two led a pretty good few minuets of wrestling that led into the expected clusterfuck.

    And the moment everyone waited for, Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens. We all knew this was going to happen and up to this point I thought there might of been an upset on our hands, but this was the starting of two disqualifications by Kane and Owens followed by the eliminations of Zayn and Apollo Crews. My fear suddenly came back around this time and I had to admire the wresting that was being displayed although the story that was being portrayed was one of confusion and the wrestlers not being on the same page.

    And all credit to Zack Ryder for bringing Team USA back into this, his wrestling has matured into so much recently although I got confused by his IC title win earlier in the year. He is turning into a new Lex Luger.
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