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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Apr 26, 2016.

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  1. So with the current product being good. Who is behind this revival of RAW/ I know front of house it's Shane O Mac but behind the scenes what is going on? Has Vince relinquished some control over to HHH or have they decided a drastic change was required to stay in the ratings? Thoughts?
  2. RAW: Unsure. I know that Smackdown is all Triple H now and the dude who wrote the golden era of NXT. You could assume that Hunter has a bit more pull, but the final call has to be Vince's still I think
  3. I feel we have a HHH pull going on but it seems odd that Vince would do so without a major TV segent. Unless the Shane thing really isn't a work and VKM is passing the torch down.
  4. Vince always has the final call, the E always goes through peaks and valleys in quality this is just a peak.
  5. Looking at the talent and the signings on the roster this is a huge peak. I dunno tis feels like to me we could be onto a new era. I see more people than ever with wrestling tee's. Mainly KO. But yeah Vince has the last call but it seems someone is in his ear now pushing indies and showing him the profit in people like Cesaro. Rather than the norm.
  6. Vince is still in full control probably with HHH having slightly more pull. Shane is essentially the face of Vince's plans.
  7. See everyone still thinks VKM but I think he's moved back and given the roles over. Yes he's there but no longer scrutinising every last detail and just letting things flow. No more last minute editing of RAW. Flow thats what we've had.
  8. I haven't noticed much of a "revival" but like Seabs said, Raw has it's ups and downs, and usually whenever the show is pretty good for a few weeks in a row, people get ahead of themselves and assume the quality of the program will be like this from now on and then find themselves disappointed when it reverts back to the usual shortly after. Just saying.
  9. As a man who had a break from RAW for awhile this is a revival. The programming is better than ever and the roster is stacked. Might have high expectations and they get dashed, but I'm always optimistic.
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  10. Whoever is behind this 'RAW revival', it's obviously working. The product's been good post-Mania.
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    I think it's just one of those things that Vince is excited about but will probably give up on soon, maybe faster due to the low ratings this week and he'll probably blame it on Shane.

    Post-Mania is usually hot for about a month or so. We'll see if the momentum is the same this time next month.
  12. How do you see the ratings for raw each week?
  13. What's so good about the current product? Still lacking in character and story development.. The fans don't give a damn about anyone on the roster except a few guys.. All that's happened is a few debuts recently, that does not make the product good.

    But really, WWE has no reason to make the product better. They have no competition, they make money, and they have loyal fans who will continue to watch.
  14. That's the most frustrating part. They still garner millions of loyal viewers every week so why change it? The only way I can see a change happening is
    1) people stop watching. Like 4 million people lol
    Or 2) a more adult-driven program pops up to compete. Which would still probably take a few years to happen at the very least.

    Until then they have no reason to change. I personally would love a change. I friggin wish some days I had been born 5-10 years earlier so I could have really appreciated the 'tude when it was on tv.
    Sure I watched a few times here n there of both wwf/wcw but being that young and not being able to watch every week sucks when I look back on old times.
    I think I first got interested when kane/taker had gone down because I remember my cousin saying how awesome it was these 2 brothers were going to fight and the one said he would never do it...God the memories
  15. I disagree with the above two points atm. RAW is a genuine joy to watch compared to a few years back when it was literally Cena and Orten as the main guys. Now the roster feels diverse and feels like people aren't totally scripted. You telling me New Day with the unicorn(dildos) was scripted? I doubt it. Feels more organic and like people are given a script but can run with it leading to some quality moments. KO with JBL's hat on for commentary for one.
  16. I don't think there's been much of a directorial change backstage, as much as it's just been rejuvenation of the product, as a whole.

    Every couple of years the WWE gives their product a face lift, I'd like to think. In my opinion, those years were 1998, 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2011. A shift of storylines, newer stars, reimagined card placements and a different feel for the product as a whole. I'm not sure what's so different but the shows have been much better, as of late. More emphasis is put on the building of feuds than filler segments.

    But that brings up a different argument. Just because they're putting emphasis on the things that matter, doesn't automatically make it better. I mean we've gotten the same Cesaro vs. Owens match a dozen times. The screwjob angle has been done to death all over the industry, The McMahon storyline takes an ungodly amount of time and a fraction of the matches on RAW are actually clean finishes.

    It's a double sided coin, that's open to anyones imagination. Some people might find slight changes, some people find major changes, some might not find any at all. I think it's WWE's incentive to re-imagine their product that will take shape over the next 5 or so years.

    I don't know. Maybe, I'm over-analyzing and just digging out random shit. But either way, that's my take.
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