News RAW Script Leaked.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. - A leaked script from Monday's WWE RAW in Des Moines, Iowa has surfaced online. The episode was titled "The Iowa Raucous." You can see the full script at this link or embedded below. It appears this was the second edited version of this week's script.

    It appears everything that we saw on TV was how it was scripted. The biggest moment that appears to be not in the script was when John Cena gave the Attitude Adjustment to Seth Rollins on top of the announcers table at the end of the show. That moment was not in the script but the staredown with Triple H was.

    From Lords of Pain

    View the script here:
  2. Is it really a big deal? Bearing in mind the show had already happened. Also, who wants to read that garbage?
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  3. I just found it interesting that it happened again.
  4. The pink tie "insult" was also ad-libbed it seems.
  5. Miz wasn't supposed to beat Ziggler it seems.
  6. Do people actually find this stuff interesting? I could never be arsed reading through an entire script for a wrestling show, let alone a mediocre one. They should be using bullet points for their shows instead of whole entire scripts anyway.
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  7. It's interesting to me if the following is true:

    And by the way, I really enjoyed the AA on the table before Cena stared down HHH. The camera angle and how it was done was just awesome IMO. Tried to find a gif :boohoo:
  8. Triple H's reply was gold lol
  9. Oh found one! Rollins sold that move perfectly IMO.
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  10. I found this one interesting to skim through. It's just cool to see how the shows are put together imo, and it's also ridiculous to reinforce the fact that they script promos word for word.
  11. And that's the exact reason why WWE has gone to the toilet. It's not because it's PG, or that John Cena is the top guy it;s because the creativity in the place is not existent. Raven has said that WWE and WCW would work with the guys to make the promo and now CM Punk said they just hand you your promo ready to go. I find it bullshit that in a company that's marketed as the "Place to Go" for pro-wrestlers completely drains out all sorts of individualism and creativity during the show. And, to quote Raven again he said in an interview that wrestling died because during it's boom and even before it's boom, the main guys would have a tremendous say in the company (of course at the time they were almost always douchebags) so the company is getting written by half wrestlers, and half "Days of our Lives" writers, and now "Days of our Lives" is writing the show top to bottom, and I'm sure not even half the guys on the show had a say in their promo and/or match. It's bullshit and the more WWE becomes a corporate machine the more this thing is gonna go down the sinkhole. Give the guys some breathing room for creativity in their promos and matches, and maybe just maybe WWE can regain some of it's fans.
  12. Yes, this makes no sense. Wrestling should be about guys with interesting personalities turning it up to 15 and entertaining. It just makes perfect sense that you give a guy bullet points and say go, instead of handing him a promo. Instead of exploiting the creativity/insanity or whatever of the wrestlers, they have script writers. Indeed ridiculous.
  13. I thought you were talking about my post for a second. Lol.

    Sorry for the horrible grammar, I just woke up and my arm's in tremendous pain #Dedicated #SolidusMakeMeOwnerOfTheWorld
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