RAW Sept. 8th starring Michael Sam (nope) and Jerry Springer? WTF?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Just Kevin, Sep 2, 2014.

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    So, it looks like Michael Sam has turned down WWE's invitation to appear on RAW Sept 8th..
    with the removal of the story from WWE.com and the backlash from fans upset that Darren Young wasn't given the opportunity to speak about his experiences..

    Darren Young made his opinion known by retweeting some of his fans..

    and now... WWE has invited Jerry Springer to appear on RAW Sept. 8..


    He is to host an intervention with the Bella twins.

    What in the world is happening at WWE right now?
    Seriously... who is making these decisions?
    Has Vince finally lost his touch and quite possibly his mind?

    I don't know what else to say except that I am disappointed.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Micheal Sam, yeah they are going overboard with the gay athlete thing, Darren was totally noticeable once he came out then they just silenced him. For Springer... who is he? I'm not a television guy like I used to be now so wtf do I know about Jerry Springer. I say who this guy is and people gasp... but its for the best I don't know who he is.
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  4. Doesn't Monday Night Football start next week? I'd say between big matches like Reigns vs Orton and Jericho vs Wyatt inside the cage, and Michael Sam or Jerry Springer showing on Raw, they're just trying their best to compete with MNF.

    The quality of this Bellas feud is certainly worthy of being an episode of The Jerry Springer Show, and I don't mean that in a good way.
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  5. So basically this will be another week of "oh shit RAW didn't record for some reason".... "ehh, fuck it. looks shit anyways" and going back to watch some TNA, as they apparently seem to care about good wrestling again now. RAW seems to want to do 3 hours of reality TV with a good Ziggler match sandwiched in between. This is really boring shit, now to wait for BNB, Bryan and BATITSTA to come back during WrestleMania season when they'll pull out all of the stops again...
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  6. this is stupid.....I get WWE is about entertainment.....but this is a really, really bad way to go about it....focus on your wrestlers entertainment, not throwing in random guests...
  7. But at least we get to see wyatt and Jericho in a cage.
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  8. Why is Springer even humouring the WWE by appearing in this absolute garbage feud? If the Bella's could act even half decently then I'd probably enjoy it. Having him there won't suddenly make this worthy of my attention.
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  10. I figured as much, but thought I was being too cynical.
  11. You can never be to cynical. Springer once paid a hooker with a cheque. Not exactly a man of high morals :lol1:
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  12. SHANE O' MAC!!!!
  13. They were intending on speaking with Michael Sam about being cut, fortunately for him he found himself a job on the Cowgirl's practice squad.
    They're not ready to bring out DY just yet, I thought they were still working on getting his hair to be a bit longer last I heard.
  14. Would rather watch a segment with Titus, Maury and Naomi.
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  15. Could have been worse it could have been food stamps.

    Also yeah fuck this desperation for mainstream approval by milking the fact a guy is gay. Jerry is cool in my book doe.
  16. Damn you to hell! That was my comment you comment stealing maniac! :boohoo:
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  17. Michael Sam would have been an ass to take the WWE's invitation. Don't think going on Monday night Raw and saying something controversial, which we know WWE was looking for, would have done anything for his pro football career. Bottom line Sam is a fringe NFL player who happens to be gay. The NFL has drug dealers, drug addicts, alcoholics, rapists, bullies, wife beaters and gang members I'm confident thru can handle a gay player if he can help a team win. If Andrew Luck was gay he still would have been the 1st overall pick in the 2012 draft.

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  18. He was the mayor of Cincinnati at the time :lol1:
  19. Ill be in Detroit watching my giants play during raw :obama:
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