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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, September 12, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, September 13, at 1AM on Sky Sports 5 HD

    Royal Farms Arena
    Baltimore, MD

    Raw preview, Sept. 12, 2016: The Big Dog takes on The Prizefighter
    Kevin Owens is set to defend his WWE Universal Title against Seth Rollins at WWE Clash of Champions, but first he’ll have to contend with Roman Reigns on Raw. And if The Big Dog wins, that anticipated championship bout becomes a Triple Threat Match! Is The Prizefighter prepared for what lies ahead?

    Fight, Reigns, Fight
    Kevin Owens had some help in winning the WWE Universal Championship last month — Triple H gets the big assist on that one — but we wonder if The Prizefighter is hoping for some backup on this week’s Raw, when he goes one-on-one with Roman Reigns. If The Big Dog defeats Owens live in Baltimore, the WWE Universal Title bout at WWE Clash of Champions becomes a Triple Threat Match!

    Every Superstar on Team Red will be pulling out all the stops on Raw, one night after SmackDown LIVE’s Backlash, and based on Reigns’ actions as of late, he’ll be even more fired-up than usual. Is Owens ready for the onslaught that awaits him? Will Chris Jericho be on-hand in case The Prizefighter finds himself outmatched?

    Additionally, one has to imagine that Seth Rollins will be watching this match closely, as it could transform a traditional one-on-one battle at Clash of Champions into a far more chaotic three-man melee — one that Rollins could lose without even being pinned. Will The Architect somehow get involved in the action Monday night? Regardless, this is one you won’t want to miss.

    Charlotte fights a war on two fronts
    Sasha Banks came to Raw with some “bad news” for Charlotte this past Monday night, revealing that she’s healthy and ready to take back her Raw Women’s Title at WWE Clash of Champions. As devastating as that bombshell was to the second-generation Superstar — and Dana Brooke, who fell victim to a surprise Bank Statement when she crossed The Boss — one has to also consider that Bayley dropped a bomb on Charlotte herself when she pinned the champion Monday night in a non-title bout.

    Are Charlotte’s days as Raw Women’s Champion numbered? Also, what’s next for Dana Brooke, who was humiliated and slapped by Charlotte backstage last week?

    Cesaro and Sheamus battle in Match No. 5 of Best of Seven Series
    Facing elimination in the Best of Seven Series this past Wednesday in London, Cesaro pulled off a spectacular victory that prevented Sheamus from a clean sweep and ensured that he’d live to fight another day. This Monday, to be precise.

    Now, The Swiss Superman and The Celtic Warrior head to Match No. 5 in their Best of Seven Series to determine which of these physically dominant Team Red competitors will earn a championship match. Will Cesaro’s momentum save him from elimination on Monday, or will the imposing Irishman win the series at 4-1?

    Are the fun and games over for The New Day?
    “Retirement specialists” Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson took a page out of The New Day’s book by presenting the Raw Tag Team Champions with a trio of decrepit doppelgangers known as “The Old Day,” giving Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods a glimpse at their “future selves.” Unfortunately for Gallows, Anderson and their costumed associates, The New Day weren’t amused by the imitation, sending the “good brothers” packing before repelling the imposters’ feeble attempt at an ambush.

    Will we see a more aggressive side of The New Day Monday night, less than two weeks before their Raw Tag Team Title defense against Gallows & Anderson?

    Do you “Bo-Lieve in Bo”?
    With an even more “inspirational” attitude and newfound in-ring aggression, Bo Dallas turned heads this past Monday night with an impressive and arguably brutal victory over local competitor Kyle Roberts. With a new mantra that urges the WWE Universe to “Bo-Lieve in Bo,” will Dallas continue to prove to the rest of Team Red that he’s not to be taken lightly?

    Don’t miss Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET on all of WWE’s digital platforms!​
  2. Reigns should not win tonight, solidify Rollins as a face by keeping him out of it
  3. Raw is Bore
  4. but JeriKO is great banta
  5. JeriKO is life
  6. Now how would I book everything tonight?

    Well honestly... PULL THE TRIGGER ON REIGNS....
    HERE IT IS for pete's sake, I see it, Reigns loses tonight somehow and he blames Rollins, so Reigns snaps on him. THERE IT IS YA FUCKERS THAT'S WHAT'S BEST FOR BUSINESS DO IT.
  7. Woooo, the Kevin Owns Show is on!!
  8. dead chat
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  10. because its raw
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  12. no one watches raw in 2016
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