RAW September 26th, 2016 [Live Discussion]

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, September 26, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, September 27, at 1AM on Sky Sports 5 HD

    U.S. Bank Arena
    Cincinnati, OH

    Raw preview, Sept. 26, 2016: Jeri-KO cleans up
    After defeating Sami Zayn last night at WWE Clash of Champions, Chris Jericho helped his best friend Kevin Owens seize a victory over Seth Rollins in the main event of Raw’s first exclusive pay-per-view on WWE Network. Will Jeri-KO keep that momentum going tonight, or will the frustrated Architect attain retribution against the calculating Canadians?

    Was Rollins robbed last night?
    Thanks to some “moral support” from Jericho and a second official sent to the ring by Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon last night at WWE Clash of Champions, Owens retained the WWE Universal Title, ensuring that there’s no end in sight for “The Kevin Owens Show” on Monday nights.

    Meanwhile, as captured by WWE.com cameras after the show, Stephanie left Indianapolis’ Bankers Life Fieldhouse in a limo with Triple H, who was eager to discuss how Raw’s first exclusive pay-per-view went. Stephanie claims that she had no knowledge of The Game’s apparent anointing of Owens as Raw’s chosen WWE Universal Champion, but after watching the exclusive footage, Rollins must be more suspicious than ever, and will come to Raw with more questions that need answering.

    How will Cesaro and Sheamus react to the conclusion of the Best of Seven Series?
    The seventh bout in Cesaro and Sheamus’ Best of Seven Series was set to determine which of these powerful Raw Superstars is more physically dominant. Except it didn’t. Last night at WWE Clash of Champions, The Swiss Superman and The Celtic Warrior fought to a No Contest, and it remains to be seen what exactly this means in the eyes of Raw General Manager Mick Foley.

    Does the series end in a draw, or will it extend to an eighth match? We’ll find out how The Hardcore Legend will proceed tonight.

    Will chaos continue among the Cruiserweights?
    Brian Kendrick’s post-match attack on WWE Cruiserweight Champion T.J. Perkins last night spoiled what should have been a celebratory moment for the tenacious titleholder, and even though the two competitors have known each other for more than 15 years on the independent scene, there’s no love lost between them heading into tonight’s Raw.

    In a post-match interview on WWE.com, Perkins made it clear that he has unfinished business with the so-called “Wizard of Odd,” and he just might have that opportunity for retribution when Monday night’s hottest show goes live in Cincinnati.

    How will Roman Reigns celebrate his first U.S. Title reign?
    The Big Dog is back on top. Overcoming Rusev’s size advantage and Lana’s attempted interference outside the ring, Reigns conquered The Super Athlete last night at WWE Clash of Champions to capture the United States Title.

    As The Bulgarian Brute seethes in defeat, Reigns carries the star-spangled title to Raw. Will Reigns need to handle a vengeance-seeking Super Athlete, or will a new challenger emerge with their sights set on Old Glory?

    Who will be The New Day’s next challengers?
    That was one heck of a horn solo. Last night at WWE Clash of Champions, Xavier Woods enlisted the aid of Francesca II to help Big E & Kofi Kingston defeat Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, extending The New Day’s Raw Tag Team Championship reign to 400 days in the process.

    Now that The New Day has decisively turned back Gallows & Anderson, the future looks bright for our eternally optimistic Team Red trio. You won’t want to miss what The New Day has in store tonight.

    Can Charlotte be dethroned?
    The egotistical Charlotte won’t be winning any popularity contests anytime soon, but when it comes to big matches, she’s seemingly unbeatable. Successfully defending her Raw Women’s Title against Bayley and Sasha Banks last night at WWE Clash of Champions, The Nature Girl silenced her critics and, with Dana Brooke by her side, extended her reign as Team Red’s queen bee.

    Who will be next to step to Charlotte? Tune in to Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network to find out. For exclusive analysis, don’t miss Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET on all of WWE’s digital platforms.​
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  2. I would make Sheamus and Cesaro fight in No DQ tonight and make sure it is confirmed the winner gets something.

    As for everything else.... Errrr idk I'm falling behind here
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  4. Will Roman still do his kneeling punch into the ground now that he is champion of America? That is what I want to know
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  5. Why is that offensive?
  6. wrestling
  7. Sooo...

  8. I heard Raw was starting!
  9. So I turned on porn instead
  10. I always forget Roman wears contacts with color. WHAT A LIAR! :rusev: :reigns2:
  11. Wear your natural poop eyes proud Roman :mad2:
  12. Stop being a hipster Shadow
  13. Hey its all staff tonight!
  15. who will come in and crash it first? :hmm:
  16. Hillary and the Donald are going to take all of our ratings
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