RAW September 5th, 2016 [Live Discussion]

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 3, 2016.

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, September 5, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, September 6, at 1AM on Sky Sports 5 HD

    Sprint Center Arena
    Kansas City, MO

    Raw preview, Sept. 5, 2016: The Kevin Owens Era begins
    One week after the returning Triple H helped Kevin Owens capture the vacant WWE Universal Championship, The Prizefighter brings Team Red’s flagship title to Raw. What will Owens have to say about his controversial victory, and why did The Game betray Seth Rollins to ensure a win for the Canadian brawler?

    About last week …
    Triple H’s surprise return during last week’s WWE Universal Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match main event seemed to signal an easy victory for Seth Rollins; for years, The Authority’s longtime poster boy benefited from a close association to The Cerebral Assassin — even inheriting The Game’s Pedigree as his finishing maneuver! Yet, after Triple H helped Rollins eliminate Roman Reigns from the bout, the WWE COO betrayed his one-time chosen champion, helping Kevin Owens claim the WWE Universal Title instead.

    Owens was brought into WWE NXT by Triple H himself, and if their consistent string of “Too Sweet” photos on social media is any indication, The Prizefighter and The Game have remained incredibly close over the past two years. Was making Owens Team Red’s New Era standard-bearer part of Triple H’s plan all along?

    Additionally, now that Triple H no longer has direct control over the red brand, how will Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon — his wife — deal with his interference in last Monday’s massive main event? Or was she in on Triple H’s plan to backstab Raw’s No. 1 WWE Draft pick? Hopefully, all of these questions will be answered Monday night.

    What’s next for Roman Reigns?
    If not for Triple H’s interference, Roman Reigns might be heading to Kansas City this Monday night with the WWE Universal Championship slung around his shoulder. Unfortunately, a Pedigree from The Game sealed The Big Dog’s fate in this past Monday’s Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match — a vengeance-fueled attack after Reigns defeated Triple H for the WWE World Championship at WrestleMania 32.

    Denied Team Red’s most prestigious title by his longtime nemesis, Reigns is undoubtedly furious, and the rest of the Raw locker room would be wise to stay out of his way this week.

    Injured Cesaro looks ahead to Match 3
    Despite a valiant effort against Sheamus this past Monday night, Cesaro sustained multiple contusions to the lumbar spine during the bout, which The Celtic Warrior used to his advantage by locking The Swiss Superman in the Cloverleaf to extend his lead to 2-0 in their Best of Seven Series.

    Sheamus is now just two victories away from earning a guaranteed championship opportunity on Raw, and based on Cesaro’s condition, it’s unlikely that The King of Swing will be at 100 percent come Monday night. Can Cesaro rebound and finally make some headway in this hard-hitting series?

    Is Bayley in line for a WWE Women’s Championship opportunity?
    As if Bayley wasn’t already a beacon of positivity, her alignment with WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day in last week’s Si:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:erson Mixed Tag Team Match had many WWE Universe members shooting rainbow-colored lasers out of their eyes for several hours — or, at least that’s what we’ve heard. Regardless, in her second week on Team Red’s roster, Bayley once again pinned Dana Brooke.That definitely didn’t sit well with WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, who might be realizing that the hug-loving underdog is a greater threat to her title reign than she realized. If Bayley’s momentum continues, is a title opportunity in the cards?

    Don’t miss Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET on all of WWE’s digital platforms.​
  2. i will record it on my sky+ lads
  3. Now there are a lot of important booking steps that must be played out here.

    First thing is Kevin Owens and Triple H must open the show however... Instead of both coming out to Triple H's music or both getting separate entrances, both must come out to KO's entrance and Triple H must show signs of Kevin Owens being out over as the new top heel.Seth also must be implemented as a face immediately maybe by attacking KO.

    Baylee should not just be built as a major contender but Charlotte has to start be built as a strong champion too, if the rumor is Charlotte will be victorious in this feud then both sides have to be at equal ends and running red hot. Not just matches with Dana Brooke, I can't figure out how to build both but it's gotta be done equally.

    In Braun's squash have him surprise attack him opponent to make him more of the guy to victimize people.

    Niajax faces opponents in a handicap match perhaps?

    Make the club more serious... No more hillarious heels. If they are gonna take the belts off the New Day they must be legit fire.

    What should Roman do? Idk, in all honesty I think Rusev should be the face and Roman as the heel the way this is being played out. But it'll never be done

    Cesaro and Shemaus is already dead water.
  4. - KO and HHH will open the show most likely. #WooHoo30MinuteOpeningPromosAreBack

    - Fuck Charlotte. AYE WE WANT SOME BAYLEY!

    - Not a bad idea. Have both Strowman and Nia destroy their opponents in handicap matches.

    - The Club aren't really hilarious heels. The word you're looking for there is "dorks". Hopefully they dethrone The New Day at Clash of Champions, though. Hated that SummerSlam finish.

    - Seems like that feud's forgotten about, seeing as how Rusev didn't bother showing up to cost Reigns the title last week. But, the reason for that could be that he was off to get married (again). So, Idk, the feud may be rekindled tonight.

    - Sheamus/Cesaro has been enjoyable so far, they always produce good matches. We'll see how the "shot at the title" pans out, though. I've got Cesaro winning the series at 4-3, but if he gets a shot at the Universal champion, then he will lose. And if he gets the shot at the US title, then the odds of him winning are a lot bigger. There's another scenario, he gets drafted to SmackDown and that'll be fine by me.
  5. I am going to write my wildest imaginations for raw and see where it leads me:
    - Triple H will come out and introduce the "new universal champion Kevin Owens", Kevin Owens will come out and say something like "I did this all by myself... heel talk heel talk". Stephanie will come out and talk to Triple H about what he has done and eventually side with her husband aka betraying seth rollins. After they hug or kiss or whatever, Seth Rollins' music plays but he does not come out, instead he attacks Kevin Owens and Triple H from behind, leaving them both in the ring lying. Stephanie slaps Seth and Triple H attacks seth and Kevin Owens and triple h double team him. Seth eventually gets pedegreed by Triple H and is left lying there. Cut to commercial aka next segment (by the way, Seth rollins is heel now, as if he wasn't before)

    - Cesaro is going to win the 3 best of 7 match because come on it's Cesaro vs. Sheamus we need a realistic result

    - Bayley and Charlottle will have a confrontation, Charlotte saying something like "you were never a horsewoman, now wonder you lost you're belt, you should've stayed down in NXT where you belong" (lies, lies, lies) and Bayley answers with "Yeah I lost my belt, but Charlotte the one thing that I have that you don't is a heart and soul and passion for this women's division" (aka Sami Zayn). Charlotte tries to go for the figure 4 Bayley counters and goes into a bayley-to-belly leaving Charlotte in the ring lying, and holds up the Women's championship, foreshadowing that she is the next competitor for that championship

    - Braun Strauman has a match with a jobber

    -Nia Jax has a match with a jobber

    - The Club do another stupid skit with ringpostitis

    - Roman reigns vs. someone heel, roman wins

    -last match is Seth Rollins vs. Rusev (the authority punished him at the beginning of the show), the match ends in a DQ because Kevin Owens comes down and wants revenge for the pedigree and so he powerbombs Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens stands on top of Rollins' body holding the championship up high with Stephanie and triple h at his side, leaving something to be seen in next week's raw

    anyway it is just imagination...
  6. Possible change to Rollins' theme song? Not thrilled, 'cause this seems like a Downstait cover of his shitty theme song.

    Give Rollins, Cesaro, Ambrose and Reigns something better, dammit!
  7. Projecting a 7/10 rating tonight
  8. I'll watch, but if Triple H and Stephanie even hint as a confrontation I'll be flying out of here faster than an email in Hillary's inbox.
  9. haha I was looking at the General Chat tab
  10. Good over here... yourself?
  11. Eh...no worries.
  12. I'm alright.
  13. Just watching the show. lol
  14. Me too... and eating a taco pizza
  15. Oooooo....taco pizza.
  16. I had pork loin and noodles in butter sauce.
  17. Steph's acting is bad
  18. Mick's gone to Promo-land for this one.
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