RAW slumps to an all-time low - TV ratings


Monday Night Raw slipped to just 1.463 million average viewers - the lowest in its 27-year history.

Like many businesses, and WWE is a business, the coronavirus has it hard. There's no live audience, but shouldn't that mean there are more TV viewers?

Vince McMahon released 21 of his superstars in April this year as a direct response to the virus. Do you think this has impacted the appeal of RAW?


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I can only speak for myself, but it comes down to my personal time and just tired of giving WWE chances.

First of all, with my current job, I often work early mornings and to watch a 3-hour wrestling show from 9pm to Midnight my time when I have to be at work for 5:30am, doesn't work.

But even without that, I don't feel compelled at the moment to watch. Yes, circumstances like releasing a large part of your roster mid-pandemic when you are set to make record profits is scummy, not to mention the relationship with the Saudi Government doesn't make some fans feel comfortable and more. But I just lost investment in current characters and storylines even when there was a crowd. I'm happy Drew won the title and it was well earned, but I was sort of tired of Brock Lesnar in his current form. Then other characters I have an investment in or had I lost interest after a while not because I didn't like them or hated them, but I felt like there wasn't any reward for investing in them since they would get a push for a few weeks, then get shot down the card or forgotten about. Not everyone is going to be WWE Champion, granted, but at least storylines I feel invested in is something.

It's like a relationship with WWE where I felt like I was burned one too many times and I think you can't only look at the Pandemic as why they are so low. It has been going down for years, I'm personally burnt out on WWE and I am sure some others are and even if there are some positives from WWE, it needs a new approach and vision.


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I just watch Smackdown most of the time, because it's on friday nights and I can't get into 3 hours of RAW on a monday night when I work in the morning.

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I find Raw to be hard to watch when there are audiences. Not having audiences makes it much more difficult.

Audiences are a huge part of any sport. For example, I would say go back and watch the Raw on April 8, 2013, immediately after Wrestlemania. The show itself was not great but they may have had the BEST audience at a WWE event in history. The commentators are overwhelmed at times for the crowd keeping the energy going and basically chanting every wrester's name ever throughout the program.

It's just going to be a fact of life that ratings will be down until things get back to normal. Crowds are important and the shows aren't as enjoyable to many without the crowd.
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