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  1. Ever since RAW went off the air last week, one of the main topics of discussion (aside from the draft itself, of course) has been the General Managers situation and who Shane and Stephanie will chose for each show respectively.

    First off, I would imagine both will indeed make their choice since I doubt either one of them would leave it up to Vince to do so and I only mention this because Vince himself noted that he would choose one for them if that were the case. Ok, perhaps I'm reading too much into it and I honestly doubt WWE would complicate things to such and extent but mentioning anyway just to keep it floating in the back of our minds.

    As far as RAW is concerned, the number one favorite appears to be HHH and perhaps rightfully so. He's Stephanie's husband, the COO of the company and can practically do whatever the fuck the wants, when he wants. The latter, however, is one of my main points as to why I feel he will NOT be Stephanie's choice. As noted in my RAW review post last Monday, haven't we had enough of the Authority angle, the power couple crap and all this bullshit already? How exactly would this fit in the new era theme that they've been preaching these past few months? And why on earth does HHH need this role anyway? Like I said just above, he already has the power to do anything he wants whenever he wants so him becoming the new GM doesn't really add anything, nor do I think he needs this lame excuse in order to appear back on TV.

    With that being said, I'd personally be looking elsewhere and two names that come to mind are those of Eric Bischoff and Paul Heymann.

    As for Smackdown, apparently there's been some kind of leak on a WWE app which noted the return of the YES movement earlier in the week and it was something that was removed very quickly. Now, funnily enough I did mention Daniel Bryan as one of the top candidates for this role earlier that day and it's really the best choice they can make if they want to start off Smackdown live on a bang.

    Now, while I woild obviously mark out if this were the case, I did a bit more thinking on it and came up with perhaps an even bigger deal for Smackdown. The thing is, Daniel Bryan has been on comentary for the cruiserweight tournament and admitedly, he's done more than a fine job with it; quite frankly, him and Mauro have been great all around together...

    ...So, what if Daniel Bryan indeed returns, not as a GM though, but for a spot in the commentary team, alongside Mauro? And what if Kurt Angle were to be announced as the new GM? You want to talk about starting off with a bang? Here's one sick way to do it, guaranteed to tear down the house...
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  2. I guarantee Daniel Bryan is going to be the GM for Smackdown.

    For Raw I could see them going with Triple H, just because. I also could possibly see Stephanie picking a woman to do the job ( not sure who though ). I would love to see Stephanie not have a pick and then Vince assigns her Stone Cold Steve Austin as the GM. :austin2:
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  3. :steiner:
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  4. Bryan is confirmed as Smackdown GM and I honestly don't know who will run RAW. Apparently its between Austin, Sting, and Foley. Can't see any of them on WWE TV every week.
  5. I don't believe these Stone Cold rumors. I think it's gonna be Triple H as Raw GM, on a 2nd Bryan Vs Authority feud.
  6. :cry: He's coming back to manage heat and velocity
  7. CBA to type this again, so I'll copy-paste it from my post in the Rate RAW thread from last week.

    Also, my dream commentary team for SmackDown would be: Daniel Bryan (if he isn't chosen to be SD GM), Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves.
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  8. Bringing HHH back to TV can only serve one purpose: set up a feud with Seth Rollins.

    Stephanie terminated her working association with Seth Rollins. Who told her to do that? HHH, probably. Seth 'the man' Rollins returns from a severe leg injury than HHH did in 2002. Rollins did what HHH couldn't. He beat Roman Reigns clean in the center of the ring.

    I propose Stephanie choose a GM who's willing to make Rollins' life uneasy. The GM can do as he or she deems fit but ultimately receives orders from HHH regarding Rollins specifically.

    This revelation can come to light months and months down the line when HHH is actually ready to return. I like Rollins as heel, but this story arc would certainly solidify a face turn.

    If you remember the attempted Austin vehicular manslaughter storyline from Nov. 1999 into 2000 this would carry a similar flavor. HHH orchestrated that story beautifully in a time he was actually being cheered.

    If done right, this could put Rollins over in a major way particularly if an NXT mainstay like Samoa Joe can be a stooge similar to way Rikishi was in that day. Joe could claim he owes HHH for saving his career, thus going after Rollins' surgically repaired knee to butter him up for HHH's in ring comeback.

    Rollins handing HHH a curb stomp eventually would be awesome poetic justice as well.
  9. As for serious non-Steiner picks, you cannot have Triple H be in charge of Raw. You simply cannot go down that road, period. The Authority cannot run Raw. Can't. If you have a 3-hour Raw headlined by Authority promos while Shane and DB promise actually good stuff on Smackdown... Talk about an unmitigated disaster.

    But isn't the whole idea behind Shane vs Stephanie is that Steph is stuck in the past and what used to be Best for Business, while Shane wants a New Era and focus on a good show and happy fans? Then a pointless random swerve would make sense, and Sting as Raw GM wouldn't be a bad way to go.

    Either way it seriously doesn't matter who it is with the exception of Triple H.
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