[RAW Spoiler] How over he is....

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. I am honestly shocked at how over Ryback is. The feed me more chants are crazy loud and he gets a great reception when he enters.

    Now there's only 1 question...

    Will Punk end Ryback's streak, or will he become WWE champion? Or will they swerve us and take Ryback out backstage on the PPV? Who could do it though? Mark Henry? He's due to return and he was feuding over the WWE title before he got injured.
  2. Ridiculously over, his intensity is why. Fantastic.
  3. Well, he IS getting crazy rubs from Cena for chanting the chant and from Punk because he's the guy with the most heat right now. Have to see if it stays. Right now it's just from the crazy rubs imo.
  4. Hey, there are many fans who go to WWE for violence, and Ryback delivers.

    Will he win? Yep. He'll win... by DQ.
  5. No DQ in HiAC.
  6. Urm they were chanting it like fuck just when Ryback entered the first time on RAW, no rubs.
  7. Shouldn't be a surprise. Wrestling fans love big, muscly, intimidating looking dudes.. especially when they have 'powerful' moves.
  8. He's so over because I endorse Ryback on Twitter, and I'm part of the 0.001%.
  9. Yeah, I guess he's over. I guess lots of Americans like food.
  10. Indeed, he's really over. His ring style and the push he's getting are probably the reason.
  11. So, so over.. So, so intense..

    Think he might even win at HIAC..
  12. way to over
  13. How? I know it's a little too soon, but it would've happened anyway in time. Plus, Cena can recover now while Ryback is filling in his role..
  14. The key words there are in time. You build up someone before you push them to the main event. You put them in a feud with a serious competitor to build up their reputation. Ryback has not done that. Just because someone will eventually become a star doesnt mean you make them a star right off the bat. Ziggler, Cesaro, and Sandow will be stars at some point in time, but they are putting in their time and building them self up by feuding with people, they arent just being thrusted into the main event for no reason. I guess they found the appropriate replacement for Cena because he's just like him. Do nothing and get a title shot
  15. To be fair, Ryback has been around for a while, dude. :pity:
  16. and still has done nothing, that makes it even worse :dawg:
  17. Oh well.. Kane got to work with Taker right away back in the day. Can't hear people complain about that..
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