"Raw Sucks..", "OMG SD SUCKED JUST LIKE USUAL"? Get in.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Please if by any chance you think these shows has been a filled sack of disgrace explain to me your reason why you still watch it?

    This thread is especially for the TNA marks.

    I hate when people say "Boring and worst RAW ever" first of all I just want to say this out of the blue; wrestling is real, your life is fake. These men get hurt from jumping around and doing stunts, they actually do get hurt and exhausted just to entertain your ass and you go around and call the whole show boring and not-worth watching? WHY THE HELL DO YOU WATCH IT? Stop watching the WWE and go put your damn nose inside the TNA section and don't mind joining the live discussions.

    Every live discussion thread is so damn boring because of these guys ranting about the show every single damn week, okay I have done that on different occassions, maybe on two live discussion threads because of reasons such as having Jericho say weak stuff about an "Alcholic father" and the Straight Edge lifestyle I mean it is really weak for some people that has a father like this, it brings up memories and ruins your moment even though you do not want to show that you have been affected by it, now that is a valid reason to rant about the show.

    However TNA guys such as Dolph'sZiggler have been insulting, ranting and fucking the whole live discussion thread week in and week out, why? I'm in this live discussion thread to discuss the current matters, the live moments, what is currently happening. Why do you always have to insult the show every week? Every single damn week you post meaningless posts in these threads without even noticing my responses to you, STOP WATCHING WWE, it is basic, if you hate the product then just GTFO? Yes it does bother me when TNA marks are crumbling in these WWE live discussion threads and ranting about the whole show every week, why can't these spiders wait for Thursdays so they can discuss TNA?

    Seriously I want the WM live discussion thread to be perfect, if you're a TNA mark and hate what the WWE has to offer, please stay out of it come April 1st.
  2. I don't see your intention at all for this thread, or why it's aimed at "TNA marks". 99% of this forum know that wrestling is scripted entertainment but is obviously still painful and the stuff they do inside the ring (most of it) is genuine. You're no way above the users here to have to inform us - thought I'd let you know.

    RAW has sucked, SmackDown consistently sucks, this forum is here for us to voice our opinions about how much it sucks (or rocks on some weeks). You can't say you're sick and tired of peoples opinions, if you are, why are you on a forum solely here for that purpose?

    I'm sorry, but that second paragraph is solely based on your hate for Jericho. We mark for a personal feud? Of course we do, when was the last time we've seen one? It's all a work, Jericho is a heel, if he offends you, he's doing his job. Clearly he's the best heel on the roster for you since you get so butthurt every mic segment he makes, even when he doesn't speak, you get mad.

    Read every single discussion thread, 95% of it is discussing it, us ranting about some parts IS DISCUSSING IT. Some people like those parts, it's a discussion, hence the name.

    I'm a TNA mark, are you telling me I can't take part in the Wrestlemania thread? "TNA Marks" also rant on TNA, like I have done recently. Some of the shows have been poor, the much anticipated main event of the last PPV was an utter clusterfuck. We're wrestling fans, we like/hate what we want and we say it when we damn like.
  3. I'm kinda with Crayo on this one the whole reason forums like this exist is because it's somewhere for u to vent let of steam about the product with like minded ppl if u so wish.

    For all the negative comments there are plenty of positive comments ppl have moaned about SD and RAW recently but there is still a lot of praise for individual wrestlers on here.

    It's a forum it's made for ppl to discuss there views and opinions same as you would with anything in life.

    If you went back an looked at RAW threads from January I'm sure you'd see a lot of positivity as around x-mass and new year there were lots of positives about the show.

    I understand ur point of view but it's all just ppl's opinions u don't have to agree with any of it but the clue is in the title discussion thread this means discussing positives and negatives about the product as even if RAW and SD had been amazing recently there would always be ppl who would disagree which is what makes these threads so lively.

    As for people ignoring ur comments as u will be aware depending on whats happening on the show you can get 5-7 replies in the space of bout thirty seconds if not more which can make it difficult to individually reply to every comment.

    I love the WWE always and I appreciate every damn thing the wrestlers do in the ring and out the ring for the company I know how hard they work but at the same time it's no different from football fans slating there team week in week out it happens it's part of being so in love with a product or team.
  4. My intention is if people like Dolph'sZiggler are going to rant about this every single damn week even though sometimes everyone thinks the show rocked, then why does he watch it? I want that to be answered, if you hate the WWE that much, WHY THE HELL DO YOU EVEN WATCH IT?

    It is not solely based on my hate for Jericho, it is based on the writers or whoever comes up with these ideas to bring this weak thing into this storyline. How is it only based on Jericho when I'm talking about the idea that they make him come out and do this is stupid? Tell me, does Jericho write his shit? No.

    The whole company named "TNA" is poor so that is not any sort of 'news' for me.
  5. Thank you for posting this, because now I can explain to my little brother what "hypocrisy" means.

    Firstly, I'll point out the hypocrisy.

    Quote 1: "My intention is if people like Dolph'sZiggler are going to rant about this every single damn week even though sometimes everyone thinks the show rocked, then why does he watch it?".

    Quote 2: "The whole company named "TNA" is poor so that is not any sort of 'news' for me.".

    You don't watch TNA yet every single week you critisize TNA marks for liking it. In your words "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, THEN WHY THE HELL DO YOU COMMENT ON IT/?!?!".

    Secondly, Jericho/Punk are practically writing this themselves, that's obvious. Punk would have been asked either by Jericho or a writer "Is it okay if we bring this this and this up to add some intensity to the feud?" in which Punk would have replied "Sure that's fine". Punk doesn't care, he literally doesn't give one single pubic hair worth of care about Jericho saying this, he likes it.

    Feuds are meant to get personal, Jesus, you moan one minute about WWE not being edgy and being PG, yet the second it gets personal and edgy you moan that it's offensive, make your mind up. You do know like 90%+ have said Punk/Jericho is the best feud so far, they have been given 2 backstage segments (Jericho), one face to face promo and a tag-team match with 2 randoms. Rock/Cena and HHH/Taker have been given 20+ minute head to head promos nearly weekly but are being out-done by Jericho/Punk.

    Now as for why Dolph watches it when he rants about it, you have to ask him. The last two RAW's have sucked big time, yet I guarandamtee you I'll be watching RAW next Monday. Why? Because sometimes it does entertain me, it's a product I love, I love to talk about it, comment on it, criticize it, compliment it, suggest things for it and more importantly talk to other WWE fans about it. I'm guessing Dolph's similar.
  6. We'll see about that, he never appreciates anything out of what the WWE has to offer.

    I love these edgy stuff but there are very weak stuff that I sometimes do not like but however I cannot do anything to change that because no matter what I will still watch the product right? Punk/Jericho feud has been the best, it has caught my eyes, got me literally raging because of their personal stuff, I don't like it but it is beast, it is something that makes the WWE worth watching and I have to accept it, If I never accepted the fact that they're having these weak and personal stuff on a feud then I would have never watched it right? I'm still watching and enjoying it.

    My point is, why do you hate the WWE, what makes you watch it if you now do hate it? I don't hate it, you apparently don't, but some of the guys around here do, I'm sure of that.

    I don't watch TNA, I don't want to watch TNA because I hate it.

    Dolph watches WWE, he wants to watch WWE because he hates it.

    See the difference? I hate the product, therefore, I do not watch it, he hates the product, therefore, he watches it.

    Easy as pie, you hate the product/company, do not watch it.

    I mean we all rant on RAW don't we Crayo? I do and I'm not denying it, I'm talking about some of the TNA marks who you know blasts the whole show or the company during the live discussion threads, not because the show sucked or rocked, but because of them not actually liking it.

    However do I step into these TNA threads and put my stupidity there and post while you all are enjoying the product? You're all watching and cheering for the greatness of this Thursday Night Shit while I am in that thread and not giving a damn but posting useless rants about it, how stupid is that seriously? I'm not forcing anyone to do this or that, I just want an explanation from one of those marks.
  7. Dolph'sZiggler is called Dolph'sZiggler... there's a clue in the name if he watches WWE for a reason. He's a Dolph mark, I know he's a Rock fan, I know he's a Jericho fan. That right there is three reasons to watch RAW.
  8. I'm a TNA guy now lol?? I like good wrestling shows, sorry that for 2012 it has been Impact and not Raw.

    C.M. Punk, you are a freaking idiot. Next time you have a thought, let it go. Next time you want to call me out by name in a thread, do not. I don't give a rat's ass what shitty tv shows you want to watch or where you post about them, so you shouldn't concern yourself with my happenings. Kindly go freak yourself
  9. Thank you for personally flaming me, reported, last time I flamed someone I had a warning given to me within the next five seconds.
  10. You are welcome for flaming you and thank you for reporting me. I am currently shaking in my boots awaiting punishment. I'm glad to know you are such a fucking loser that you lay in bed at night wondering why I bash WWE
  11. Closed. If your sole intention was to call out Dolph, that's what the PM system is used for.

    Looks like you don't have a problem with any other members here really.
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