News RAW To Be Postponed Again Due To Storm?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 28, 2015.

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    Hopefully everyone stays safe in Tampa.
    And if RAW does get postponed, then hopefully we get Heyman talking for 3 hours. :smirk2:
  2. Okay, this is weird. I remember a few years back when Hurricane Rita or Katrina or Ike or whichever one had devastated the Gulf coast of the U.S., they just moved the Raw and Smackdown sites and went back on another swing through the original sites later on. That's why we had an episode of Monday Night Raw emanating from Waco, Texas.

    Why don't they just move the show north again?

  3. I'm guessing cost related stuff.
    Last year they recorded stuff from WWE headquarters which will probably happen again.
  4. That's a fair point. As I was thinking about it, it seemed like the change of site deal during that particular hurricane "event" (if you will) might have been after the storm had struck and due to the fact that the original sites had been damaged. I'm thinking they may have had a few weeks warning before needing to change. Having to change sites at essentially the last minute would be a lot more problematic.

    I mentioned this to Mrs. Wacokid27 last night and she mentioned that it might be a good idea for WWE not to schedule shows in the gulf coast region during hurricane season (or in the northeast/midwest during the heart of winter, for that matter). I mean, there's always the possibility of last-second problems (tornadoes and earthquakes don't give much in the way of warning, for example), but it would seem like a smart call not to ask for trouble.

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  6. "severe threat to the entire state" why was Rick Scott talking about him self when a hurricane is about to strike?
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  7. It's expected to be a tropical depression by the time it hits Florida. Some strong torrential rains, nothing that's really gonna Katrina that shit up.