Raw To Extend Over 3 Hours

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Webx, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Tonights Raw has this line up

    30 min Preshow

    3 hour show

    and also have a 30-45 min overrun planned

    WE Could Witness 4 HOURS of wwe tv Tonight!​
  2. WHAT? Over 3 hours?
  3. Lol same length as WM.
  4. I'm much more enthusiastic after hearing this news, epic.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I assume it'll go over the 3 hours but an extra 30-45 min? Did it say in a report or something?
  7. People mark for long run ons. It could be Vince in the ring 69'ing with a Vince McMahon blow up doll and people would still mark for it.
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  8. Lmfao :yay:
  9. Wow 4 hours of Raw has never happened before so something huge must be planned for tonight
  10. lol vince 69 with vince blow up doll. :lol1:
  11. :yay:
  12. No... it was PWInsider reported earlier today that the RAW over-run is expected to go a little longer than usual. 30-45 minutes is just making stuff up.

    In total (including ad breaks it will be about 3 hours 15 not including preshow)
  13. Yeah, an extra hour doesn't really get me excited. Other than a few key things, the three hour show wasn't exactly making me wet (a bunch of legends appearing in cameos that don't mean anything, a bunch 3-4 minute matches but just more of them, etc.), an extra hour just seems like overkill.
  14. If it was up to USA we would have Raw 24/7 right? :dawg:

    But anyway, the pre show will probably just have one match, one or two backstage segments and a bunch of video packages. The overrun won't be 30 minutes long or anything, so I'm not sure.
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