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No surprise here.

Despite WWE bringing the biggest star in its history, Stone Cold Steve Austin, back for the evening, Monday Night Raw was still down big in viewership up against the first week of Monday Night Football. The show averaged 2.13 million viewers, down from 2.50 million viewers last week.

The hourly breakdown was also ugly:

Hour one: 2.36 million
Hour two: 2.18 million
Hour three: 1.85 million

That means fans tuned in for Austin in the first segment and left in droves just after. He made an appearance to close the show but by then so many fans had already tuned out.

For comparisons sake, the Saints vs. Texans game did just over 13 million viewers while the Broncos vs. Raiders game did 10.62 million.

Get complete Raw results and the live blog here, a recap of the show here, and highlights right here.

Source: Showbuzz Daily

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