RAW Viewership (19/12/11)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Hour 1 - 4.428m
    Hour 2 - 4.169m

    Last three weeks:

    05/12 - 4.35m
    12/12 - 4.33m (hours 2 + 3 only)
    19/12 - 4.30m

  2. Just about to post this :emoji_hushed:

    The 12/19 edition of Raw did a 2.9 rating with 4.3 million viewers. The show did hours of 3.04 and 2.81.
  3. Ouch. Not good numbers for a RAW straight after a PPV. Though we are in the transitional period. RR will draw big.
  4. I know, post-PPV is normally always 3.1+ - but 2.9? Jesus god. So low.
  5. Can I ask, something that has always confused me. Does this take into account people who watch it after recording it or on repeat shows? Or is it just for the live time?
  6. Nope it's just live, and only in the US. Ratings aren't as important though, that just means the product quality is dropping slightly. As long as the viewership isn't dropping massively it's okay. It's been steady 4m+ every week for years now. So that's a good sign.
  7. Yeah I always wondered how it worked. Does not seem that important then.
  8. Yeah, just live.
    DVR, Sky+ etc. doesn't count. Simply because it's a small proportion of people who do that.
  9. Well it's because the ratings are based on the USA network itself. UK + Canada + Every other country uses different networks. So the viewership and ratings are probably way more. Pretty sure UK is the 2nd most popular WWE fan country next to US. Thing is though, it's at 2am UK time. So the ratings viewership is probably low anyway.
  10. Okay thanks for clearing it up for me. I thought it would show a clearer and more reliable amount of the views but obviously not.

    Edit- and yes I live in the UK. I watch it the following day on catch up service. UK is big for WWE. Been to most of the UK shows.
  11. Never been to a show, tough in Cornwall :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Yeah, I watch them live because I'm badass. Regret it every morning. Latest TLC & RAW shows I've stayed up on here with seabs discussing it live with him :emoji_slight_smile:.