RAW Viewership Increases

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. - Viewership for Monday’s New Year’s Eve episode of Raw improved from last week’s 15-year low of 3,143,000 viewers as the program averaged 3,552,000 over the course of three hours.

  2. And now with the rock the rating are gonna be much higher !
  3. Still pretty weak is it not? I gave up on Raw half way through anyway.
  4. Rocky might bring it up near 5 for his segment.
  5. Rock's presence in the next few months will definitely do wonders to the ratings.
  6. Good for them I guess. Still low, but it's the average so meh. Next week they have some stiff competition though, I hear.
  7. ...and they're gonna lean on few legends next week to pop some biggies. What will they do in 5-6 years, when those legneds go for good?
  8. Have to constantly rely on guys who will have become legends by then (i.e Cena.)
  9. This they'll basically be where they are now only with nobody as big as Rock or Brock.
  10. Hopefully The Goon will be one of the legends who shows up, what a great Superstar he was.

  11. Lol Canada.
  12. 2.3 rating, lolz.

    Even stealing the Open fight night/Championship thursday concept from TNA didn't help matters.
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  13. It's still low however atleast it's improvement from the previous rating. This week's rating should defiantly be higher as this RAW is expected to be a big one.
  14. The goon was fucking awesome!
  15. I think he was Terry Gordy right?
  16. No idea, lol.
  17. I miss when Raw was 2 hours TBH :SAD:
  18. Actually surprised rating improved on NYE. But as people say the Rock being back is gonna improve them a lot over coming weeks, Let's hope WWE can make something of it though with a good feud and storyline.
  19. Now now Senhor lets not over compensate.
  20. You'll see, my estimate his quarter will do a 4.6.
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