RAW Viewship drops 11%

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. http://www.sescoops.com/raw-viewership-down-11-from-last-week/

    Even Rock couldn't raise the number :rock:
  2. I don't think anyone was interested in the SBF :haha:
  3. Heh. It was a decent show too.
  4. Well, this is weird. Rock always brings the ratings up and they saved him until the end of the show, why did people tune off?
  5. Coming off last week's show, maybe some didn't know for certain that Rock would be on and didn't bother to tune in? I also wonder if the novelty of Rock will wear off by the time Wrestlemania comes around.
  6. I would venture to say it is entirely up to WWE if Rock loses his luster or not. Rock can only do so much if the feuds he is in are not interesting enough to hold people's attention. He can only show up and play sing along with Rocky with no real point for so long
  7. Was a good show too. Shame. Rock losing the novelty might be a good call.
  8. Woah, so the ploy of constantly advertising The Rock to appear on the show later in the night didn't work out.
    I would have thought that the viewing numbers would have indeed gone up in the last hour, but according to the figures posted in the OP, they were at their worst!

    I thought that Rock's promo was pretty funny, and got heated (in a good way) between him and Punk, but thinking about it as a whole, for the last promo going into a PPV, Rock's content should have realistically been more than a funny story and been more between Punk and Rock - in my opinion.
  9. It's not entirely up to WWE. Given the fact that he's only there part-time, what more can they possibly do with him aside from fluff? No long-term feud is possible. No character progession. No TV matches. No risky spots. Also working against him is that his entire run is so obviously predictable. There was anticipation for the RR match, but that was only because everyone knew the reign was about to end. They wanted to see it, to see the finish. In many ways, it was Punk who drew for that match, not the Rock. And now that the belt is on the Rock, what is there left to see? Fan pandering? Comedy skits? Crappy matches and an inevitable loss to Cena?

    In any case, it's not WWE's fault that the Rock is losing his 'luster.' The Rock is losing his luster because he's part-time, he's a movie star, and his current contract doesn't allow for him to do much beyond raise an eyebrow - and even the marks have to get bored of that after a while.

    But hey, the viewer numbers are still high. An 11% drop is a still huge improvement over a couple months ago. Rocky still draws. For now, anyway. We'll see by Wrestlemania. I'm excited already...
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  10. The show overall was decent, to be fair. Everyone must have tuned of because of Paul Haymen and CM Punk's Twilight scene.

  11. That's surprising because I thought Henry killing Hornswoggle would spike the rating to a 4.0 at least
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