Raw World Tour House Show Results 9/22/12 White Plains NY

Discussion in 'RAW' started by ejwjr67, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. CM Punk and Paul Heyman came out and Punk did a I don't have to work tonight skit since he injured Cena. AJ (Who was already out) said that he would have to fight The Big Show in a Fan's choice match of either 2 out of three falls or Lumberjack match

    Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara defeated The Miz and Tensai

    Then Miz did a Cody Rhodes routine saying he wasn't beat so he challeneged Rey to a rematch and Rey won

    Michael McGillicutty pinned Dean Ambrose

    Antonio Cesaro pinned Zack Ryder ( US Title match)

    Damien Sandow pinned Justin Gabriel

    Brodus Clay defeated Heath Slater

    Eve defeated Layla El with Oksana as ref

    Lumberjack match Big Show beat CM Punk via dQ. After the match, Rey and Sin Cara tried helping show but Punk attacked them, then Show came to after Punk hit him with the belt (which caused the DQ). Then Show knocked out Punk with the WMD. Show, Rey, and Sin Cara left together. While the other lumberjacks brawled outside.
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  2. Ambrose being pinned = :sad:

    so are they turning big show into a good guy again?

    did you enjoy the show?
  3. It would seem Big Show will be returning as a face, and I'm glad McGillicutty picked up a victory.
  4. I think I saw Show is turning face, let me check

    Big Show returns to the road for WWE this weekend at Raw house show events replacing the injured John Cena. Big Show is slated to work main events against WWE Champion CM Punk.


    the seats were great balcony is always the best.
  5. I think I've read a couple of reports which say Big Show could be turning face.
  6. I think Big Show was there just to replace Cena, doesn't mean he'll turn. McGillicutty defeated Curt Hawkins as a face here in Brazil back in May and he didn't turn on screen.
  7. Yeah I heard that Show is Sheamus next opponent so he will likely not turn face. House shows don't really reflect the TV product
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