RAW's Elimination Chamber Match participants

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    Source: http://www.wwe.com/shows/eliminationchamber/2012/raw-elimination-chamber-2012-preview

    Seems pretty good. Either Punk or Jericho should win this.
  2. thats a good match rite there all superstars who imo deserve it!
  3. I was hoping Foley would be in tbh. His feud with Dolph could have got heated in there.
  4. Randomly Kofi is in it? Lol.

    Oh well, quite a good card. Jericho to win me thinks.
  5. Why is Kofi in this?
  6. They needed 6 people I guess.
  7. dont know but im glad he is! maybe push 2? as we've been discussing somewhere on here today!
  8. The card looks good other than Kofi randomly participating. Kofi's just a spot filler, I guess.
  9. Yeah he's probably in to supply some holy shit moment. This must be the first EC match in a while without Cena in also.
  10. he'll pull out some high flyin spots tho so i reckon its a good thing hes in!
  11. Why is Cena not in this???? I'm writing a very strongly worded letter to Mr. John Laurinitis; Executive vice president of talent relations AND..... Interm RAW general manager, about this conspiracy!
  12. Kofi can make the match pretty entertaining. He'll probably do a few spider spots like Morrison done last year.
  13. Just rise above the hate.
  14. He'll reply and say "Actually, I'm the executive vice president of talent relations and interim general manager of Monday night RAW."
  15. Cena is still dealing with Kane.

    Putting Kofi there was totally random though. He's just filling the spot.
  16. :clap::clap:
  17. You're kidding me right? I embrace the hate!
  18. [​IMG]

    Someone say embrace?
  19. That reminds me. I miss The Legacy and Randy Orton's Punt Kick when he used just take out everyone.
  20. @[Tzesi] That's all I'm saying.