Razor Ramon's theme used in rap song

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  1. Has anyone seen this yet!? Just found it. Not a big fan of the rapper (Wale), but how cool are the lyrics man!!! So many WWE name drops. @Hollywood Aids Johnson - check this shit out haha

  2. You're talking to the bad guy
    Toothpick in your eye boy, Don't ask why

    LOL, I'm loving this shit
  3. Yeah, super cool. :george:

    WWE namedrops are exactly what I look for in rap. :boss:
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  4. It was okay...

    Technically speaking even though he called it a freestyle you can tell the lyrics were pre-written... the structure was not very good and his delivery was incoherent through a lot of it.

    I have been listening to rap/hip-hop since 1984 and I can tell you if this dude ever has a hit it will be a miracle.

    Other than that it was all good =D
  5. Yeah it is more of the "Whoa cool this is about WWE" effect for me. Like the old Wrestlemania Album (I saved my allowance for a few weeks to get that cassette - thats right, cassette)

    Didn't think everyone would hate on it so much though.

    Also, a bit about Wale (The artist) I didn't know:
    So he has had some success it seems.
  6. Such a mark
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  7. I also had that album on cassette lol

    and this guy being successful shows how far the rap industry has fallen lol
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  8. Indeed, I am an old school "rap" fan too. I refer to stuff like that as "hip-hop" now.

    To me rap is more about glorifying money and women whereas hip hop itself is more about the art. Including break dancing, graffiti, beat boxing, etc.
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  9. Have you heard The Roots' new album?

    It's a reminder that hip-hop is still around... it's really good.
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  10. I'll look into it. This is where I get my definition of "hip-hop" from really
  11. My favs are Chali 2na, Gift of Gab, Atmosphere and Aesop Rock. You heard of Nerdcore hip hop? MC Frontalot for the win!
  12. I'm an old, old school hip-hop fan... I'm talking... KRS-One from back in his BDP days, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Public Enemy, LL Cool J's early stuff, Run DMC, Slick Rick... stuff like that... newer artists that I like include Mos Def, The Roots, Common, Nas, Mobb Deep, Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Eminem, early Jay-Z (he lost his way after Biggie died)... once Lil' Wayne came out it was over for hip-hop and rap took over.... been terrible ever since. There are a few here and there that still keep that core that is needed and I respect them very much.
  13. That first list is great. Second is not bad either but I never got into Common , Nas, or Mobb Deep much. I may catch heat for this but I was NEVER a Biggie or a 2Pac fan so the whole shooting fiasco never really bothered me. Eminem is in his own category really lol. I would say he is closer to rap than hip-hop, but I have been a fan since day one. And I never liked Jay-Z much either. I don't know, I'm picky with my music. I listen to a lot of things that nobody else I know does.
  14. With Jay-Z I recommend listening to Coming of Age on the Reasonable Doubt album and Coming of Age (Da Sequel) on the Hard Knock Life album... those were the days when he was really good... you listen to his stuff now and it doesn't even compare.. and with Nas I recommend I Gave You Power from the It was Written album... should be able to find those on Youtube.

    Yeah, I'm not really up to date on the lesser known artists.. so not sure who most of them are.
  15. Check out some of those 4 I mentioned. Chali 2na was actually part of Jurassic 5, which you may recognize. I got into hip hop big time in college so I had alot of friends who knew all these underground artists and I just followed the ones I liked.

    Oh and Lyrics Born - I forgot him the first time.
  16. Ok I definitely will.
  17. The ever so generic hating on modern rappers gets very old, very fast.
  18. Want some songs to start you off? I could list a few here
  19. Sure
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