Razor Ramon's WWE debut

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. @Aids Johnson

    Was watching some WWE old school debuts, and I enjoyed this the most. Good attire to debut, solid match, great gimmick and that chest hair :gusta:
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  2. sorry, but what's the point behind this?
  3. You can't question how great Razor/Hall was in the WWF. Only member of the Kliq to willingly put people over. Guy had great charisma and great in ring ability. Great to hear that he's getting into better shape now.
  4. Sadly we never saw him get that World Title, Diesel sucks dick at least in 1994 when Razor was one of the most over guys in the company he lost his heat in the job to Vader though
  5. that's why in wwe2k14 i have razor as world champ. he was always one of my faves. too bad scott hall couldnt get his addictions under control.
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  6. Woo. Awesome! :emoji_slight_smile:

    My WWE champion is sgt. slaughter.
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  7. This was just a typical "squash match" debut to me, but I want to say that Razor Ramon/Scott Hall had some of the best vignettes for hyping up a wrestler in history.

    I'd like to say that if he stayed in the WWF, he may have become world champion at some point but he's on record as saying he never had much interest in being crowned world champion because he never wanted the responsibility of carrying the company on his back the way the world champion is expected to (Jake Roberts was the same way.) Still, a very solid performer who was in some way almost the total package - oozes charisma in the way he walks and speaks, great gimmick, pretty good in-ring skills, etc. He also got a strong push right out the gate seeing as how he cost Randy Savage the WWF Title in his first month in the company and given that he was already challenging for the championship himself on PPV just four months later.
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  8. interesting info never knew he had little interest in getting the belt
  9. Never knew that either, awesome vid tho. I just came arcross Warriors debut a few days ago so this was funny to me, ahh the good o'l days.
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