RE-Lesnar vs The Game: A fight to the Finish

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  1. I was so sad :sad: when Triple H :bury: retired and i suggest that you give him a re-match (if he can with his condition and if he want to) with the "perfect storm" :finger: BROCK LESNAR, for him to prove that he is not a coward. And please ban the kimora lock for a fair game, and whoever wins will be the GAME , THE KING OF KINGS and A LEGEND. Just sayin':yes:

    P.S- I cried when Hunter announced that he is retiring. My face was kinda like this :upset:
    Thanks :otunga:
  2. Triple H will no doubt have a rematch with Brock, possibly at Survivor Series.
  3. i think he will definitely get a rematch and kick his ass!
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  6. What if HHH actually did retire and never has another match
  7. I would die a little bit inside.
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  9. people keep thinking im the real vince :sad:
  10. HHH hasn't retired don't worry, he'll be back to bury young talent very soon.
  11. You mean on the forum or on Twitter?
  12. HHH will wrestle Lesnar at WM, I think. Maybe Survivor Series.
  13. Hopefully SS, it doesn't need to be on the WM card.
  14. For sure.
  15. one more match at HitC or tlc
  16. If The Game rematch with Brock lesnar... He will win
  17. This is most certainly correct. Do you think he will have a rematch?, and If so what PPV do you think?
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