Re-watching Diaz/Condit and it makes me sick

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. The judges score cards makes me wonder wtf fight they were watching

    Diaz clearly wins the first round, and wins a close round 2 IMO. I give Condit round 3, and yet it's the ONLY round that 2 of these dumbfuck judges give to Diaz. It's baffling. Round 5 Diaz gets a takedown and takes Condit's back and yet he only gets the round on 1 score card.

    Diaz won 1,2,5 all day, and these judges need to be taken out behind the barn and put down. Fuck them in the ass

    *It would have been changed to a NC anyway had Diaz won, but at least we wouldn't have to live knowing that the Running man was given this bullshit decision.

    So kids remember if you want to be an MMA fighter just run away from your opponent and throw baby leg kicks. This is how to win fights.
  2. Pathetic right? I remember watching this and at the time was unbiased and I only gave condit one round personally. Your sig is perfect btw, it describes the fight.
  3. I remember saying the judges were going to give Condit the fight and feeling sick about it. Condit throws a ton of lame leg kicks and was 'busier' but Nick hits the cleaner shots for the first two rounds, the third is close, the 4th is mostly Carlos (his best round by far) and the 5th Condit starts off okay, then Nick hits a couple of combos, and finishes the last 90 seconds by having Condit's back

    terrible judging, TWO judges scored it 4-1 for Condit, with the only round they gave to Nick being one that a biased Nick fan scores for Condit. wtf is wrong with them
  4. Even the guy you hate Dana White has said that the worst thing in UFC is the judges and refs. He said more ex-fighters should become judges/ref's.
  5. I think we will start to see that. Ricardo Almeida is a former fighter turned judge

    You have to remember that the sport isn't even 20 years old. 99% of the MMA judges are just former boxing judges.

    IMO Officiating isn't 1/100th of the problem that judging is. There are a handful of good refs, we just need more of them.
  6. Most refs tend to be decent, they only jump in when they need to but judges aren't promoting fighting, it's this similar tactic of not being hit which killed boxing as a spectacle for me. I can see MMA going the same way.

  7. Apples and oranges IMO. Take Mayweather for example. His style is defensive counter punching, but he makes it beautiful. His head movement and hand speed make it a spectacle. Carlos Condit literally was turning his back and running away.

    I really doubt the Running Man strategy becomes a trend. The only real point fighting that happens in MMA is

    A.) Lay n Pray. Wrestlers who are only good at wrestling that just look for takedowns and then lay in their opponents guard
    B.) The 'look busy' strategy ala Frankie Edgar and Dominick Cruz. They dance around, throw a ton of punches, but most of them are weak punches or blocked completely. They will take the bigger shots and eat more damage, but still win the fight because judges are dumb.
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