Re-Writes of Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Extraterrestrial, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Raj Giri of reports that there were at least 9 re-writes of last week's episode of RAW by Vince McMahon. The company started the day on draft 2, and were at draft 9 when the show went live. After that draft, they just stopped counting.
  2. What happened last week? Totally forgot.
  3. This is the WWE writers I swear
  4. Apparently it's not the writers' fault. The other day, when McMahon was in the Middle East, apparently they had like, two re-writes with HHH in charge. It feels like they write the show, then Vince looks at it in two seconds, says it sucks, re-writes it on his own, then he complains about his own writing and does it again, repeat various times. He's old, senile, crazy and paranoid. :haha:
  5. Ok then I adapt the above post to be VKM.
  6. Vince needs to go.
  7. This is a joke......right?

    I mean, re-writes, yeah, I understand those are common. But that many times, as the OP indicates? It's got to be a joke.....right? Just exaggerating, surely......correct?

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