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  1. Hey guys, this weeks episode been reviewed.
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    Raw episode 973 reviewed

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  2. "WTF? Brodus came down dancing? Now really. He goes from a big tough body guard, to a funky fresh dancer. Scotty 2 Hotty got annoying and outdated, and so will Brodus in my opinion, admitting the girls he was with were very fine"

    Disagree. Brodus is going to be huge!

    As for Jericho winning the rumble, not to sure. Orton's injury might only be 6 weeks, a rumble win in his home-town looks ever so likely. If Jericho is NOT going to win the rumble then WWE should NOT put him in it.

    You also missed the last match didn't you? Might just be me being blind, can't see the Cena vs Ziggler (w/ Kane & Ryder backstage) ending.

    "Edge has accomplished so much in his career, one of the best heels in the business, The best Undertaker rival of all time, and not to forget a great damn tag team competitor. Edge I will never forget. His 1st wwe championship match will stay with me forever. The 4 Horsemen were the best in the business, Its about time they get their spot in the hall of fame."

    Agree with this, maybe not Undertaker's best rival, but the rest definitely.

    Edit: Found the ending, it's done in a weird order bro lol.
  3. Pretty much agree with Crayo really.
  4. As Kane was 1st down, I stuck with what happened between him, Cena and Rider, rather than mix 'em up.

    (BTW don't see any comments on the blog)

    About Orton, said that Last week, I can't think of a better rival, apart from HBK, who had a long rivalry with Taker. Edge was his bests. (Comment this on the blog if you disagree)
  5. Lol this is a wrestling forum we comment here :lol:.

    I prefer HBK's and Kane's if I'm honest.
  6. I think his best opponent was foley no one pushed taker as much as mankind for me. Really underrated as a feud.
  7. Wow, how could I forget Foley? I'd pretty much agree there.
  8. Ok I really don't see how Brodus been a funky dancer us going to work, he needs to turn back a heel coming out of this or he's just going to end up like santino, (I fast forward when he comes on) good to start with but no way Brodus is going to last like this!

    Jericho is interesting! Wasn't liking the start of the promo, thinking the same as last week, but the near breakdown turned it very interesting.

    Kane is already predictably boring..

    Zack & Eve should stick, hope creative see that this could be the new edge & lita, IF it's worked right (which it probably won't)

    Overall I didn't enjoy RAW, was way too predictable and mediocre.
  9. Disagree with Brodus. Can't compare him with Santino. Brodus gets good reactions, has better mic skills and is more interesting in the ring. Brodus actually dominates the matches and is seen as a threat, with a one-off gimmick. It's great, it's fresh. Spices the mid card up a bit, he practically got loudest reaction of the night with his match.

    Kane thing is dragging on I agree, it just annoys me that it's booked as the main event. I suppose they want the ratings though.

    Jericho was great, he'll do this until Rumble I think. Each week doing something new, but old. If that makes sense. Same old thing, faking to go talk and then doesn't and leaves, but each week something different happens. First week was overwhelmed joy, this week was tears, what's next?

    I'm not too fussed on the Zack & Eve thing if I'm honest, but it's fresh so meh.
  10. Hmmm, I prefered Brodus as a heel, he is becoming like visera, who I got bored of quickly.
    Zack and Eve, ha WWE must be desperate

    Kane has always had ridiculous storylines, so I am just use to this one
  11. Well I'm hoping Brodus was a one off, as I liked the destructive side of him, wishfully predicting that Laurinitus made him do it and he gets back to normal...
    Or he does something new every week? (doubtful)

    I've already had a few guesses with my mates as to what Jericho is going to do next week I've gone with: they will book him as they did this week for a live appearance right up to the entrance but this time he won't show up??...

    Oh and R-Truth turn back a face???
  12. R-Truth has been a face ever since he came back. Sucks I know.

    As for Jericho, could do. I still think he'll come out though, but just exit differently. Instead of crying, do something else.

    You should re-watch Brodus' segment a couple more times, it's great. I think he can become a huge face, something the WWE needs at the moment. Though, I'd love a heel turn. The guy is great. Or even better, multiple personalities like Foley had, that would be a dream.
  13. There is only 1 mike foley
  14. R-Truth has been killed @[NW1989], so has Miz. Just need Miz to have a couple minutes mic-time with a new freaking gimmick or story-line and he'll be back. As for Truth, he needs to stay heel. No idea why R-Truth isn't a heel in a feud with Ryder, it'd do them both good.
  15. I agree with u sage on the truth area, But the Miz is an awesome heel, I think he has been consistent lately
  16. I'm a big Miz mark. I mean WWE have fucked him up, lol. He's been squashed 3 weeks in a row now, it's pathetic.
  17. I believe this is a build up for him to beat R-Truth or eliminate him in Rumble
  18. Anyone think Royal Rumble match possibility?:

    Cena vs Kane
  19. That would just continue the feud I think. None of them will look better at the end of this.

    I hope not.
  20. I also hope not, never know with the WWE though.