Reaction To Daniel Bryan’s RAW Absence!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. WWE fans were reportedly unhappy with the absence of Daniel Bryan on Monday’s RAW in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to being advertised locally for the dark match main event, it was outright mentioned on Friday’s edition of SmackDown, as well as the RAW pre-show on Monday night that Daniel Bryan would be on RAW.
    It’s worth noting that Bryan is also excluded from the advertising for tonight’s WWE SmackDown television taping in Boston.


  2. Thanks Action.

    Gohan with these copy/paste threads. pity.
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  3. I'm all oiled up guys.
  4. Meh sometimes a refreshment when someone who has been on screen for so long consecutively is absent once in awhile.
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  5. I thought his absence was for a purpose and well-timed.

    The reaction by other on-screen talent and the way the audience reacted to it helped put it over as well.

    Do Brooklyn crowds not see the note at the bottom that says: "Card subject to change"?

  6. so many fucking shitty threads today lol
  7. something about it, playa!

    I gots faith in ya.

  8. I kinda sympathise. They were a pretty shit hot crowd and although it works with the angle, they could have had him do something to make them happy. I think decent crowds like New York should be rewarded with better shows personally.
  9. He wasn't on RAW? I didn't notice.
  10. How could Danielson miss RAW? Couldn't he have at least made an appearance? -
    Yours Truly,
    The Royal Rumble natch

    Hold on clones, he'll be back next week for the go home show. My money says he smashes through the entrance in a truck, pulls out a hose and sprays everyone in the ring with head lettuce.
    Quite fitting considering the only thing Trips could bury while managing to shed just one tear was his own head lettuce
    An entire ring covered in hair. How cringeworthy is that... then again... so was the ending to the last PPV WWE produced
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  11. Uh-oh.

    *Squeezes Butt Cheeks Together*
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