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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Saylor, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. How do I take a good Tumblr/Instagram like photo? I want to be able to take good quality photos that can capture key parts - such as the eyelashes, eye color, the face in a HD quality. How would I go about that?
  2. Have a good camera.
  3. I know. But, what camera? Give me recommendations.
  4. Well, I mean, if you want real HD photos. You have to get the really good, expensive cameras like a Canon brand camera.
  5. I've looked at Canon's in the past. Canon's look good - currently contemplating.
  6. They're what the professionals use. I use to be enrolled in a fancy art school and in all Photography classes, Canon cameras were required.

    It really depends on your taste. You mentioned Instagram and I have an iPhone 4 and the camera is actually really good despite it being just a phone. You just HAVE to be in good lighting (or the picture will end up grainy) and tap the area you want the camera to focus on.
  7. What do you want the pictures to be of? Don't waste £200+ on a Canon/Kodak camera just to fit in with your friends or whatever unless you're taking photography/you're a professional photographer/aspiring photographer.
  8. Nice advice! :otunga:
  9. I'm not trying to fit in with my friends, if that they copy me. I'm trying to take professional photos that would attract the females, it would be something HQ that non of my friends have taken and I want it done personally because I don't have many pictures of myself when I was younger so it's good to have some than none.
  10. What? Take high quality photographs to attract females? You're doing it all wrong.

    If a girl liked you, it wouldn't matter the picture quality.

    Just use a digital camera of your parents or camera on you're phone.
  11. I know what I'm doing. I've got a lot of female friends, they think I should go for an HQ option due to the fact that I look like Drake, they think I should start a Tumblr account and start posting quality photos on there.

    You're assuming I'm a kid trying to impress a little girl.
  12. You have the mentality of it.

    Post a picture of you then, anyone doesn't have to be good quality.
  13. You have the mentality of a kid, remember when you was being racist? You think you're Mr. I know it all.

    If you wish, ask @Crayo. I used to go on Tinychat, the forum users have seen me and they've said it themselves. I don't need to prove nothing to you.
  14. When I was being racist? Please show me this. :dawg:

    At the end of the day, you're trying to fit it and be 'swag' by being a Tumblr fag posting pictures from a Canon because it's great quality.
  15. Crayo can remind of you that incident.

    I can do whatever I like, is it costing you money? You're just hating because you've got nothing better to do. Hate comes when people are doing better than you, sorry pal.
  16. Yeah, that's what I thought.

    What reason would I have to hate on you? I'm giving you advice not to waste your money to fit in with people, because if they don't like you for what you are then they're not real friends/relationship material.

    You're doing better than me, huh? Please. :dawg:
  17. Crayo can remind of that that incident if you wish to know that bad. I just don't want to say anything that I'd regret :emoji_slight_smile:.

    The discussion can end here now.
  18. Saylor literally is Drake, he's hot as fuck seriously.
  19. Jonathan, the ladies man. :pity1:
  20. Look who is talking :xanth:
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