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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Ovaldinho, May 9, 2014.

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  1. Hi WWEF, I for one pride this forum on being relaxed in terms of attitude, heck It took forever to give BLFFL a warning and we still stick with Gohan through thick and thin.

    Therefore I though I will show you my speech, the speech that got me a warning, I feel no harm is caused posting this here in the LR so I though I would repost it #FreeSpeech.

    The speech was censored by the elitest Puls3-luminati, specifically by his right hand man, mafia styled gang bWo ring-leader Adam Muuuftah, scared of the TWF people knowing the truth about how the forums' ShoutBox is being exploited.

    Here it is:

    Hello, I am Oval Farage Nowinski, leader of the newly founded SHOUT BOX INDEPENDANCE PARTY - SBIP!!


    When I joined MP (Now TWF) in 2011, it was a thriving community of devoted wrestling fans looking to make wrestling discussion on this forum the best it can be. It was an euphoria, similar to the feeling Peaches Geldof had when she first took Heroin. When the Shoutbox was implemented in MP 1.0, a wonderful forum.....TURNED UPSIDE DOWN!!

    MP became a breeding ground for lazy, un-insightful people began to flock to MP, and instead of contributing to the development of the forum, just leached off of the SB for their own satisfaction. It was this that ruined MP 1.0 and made the President of the Machinima Palooza Parliament CMPuls3 close the forum, leaving many people without a forum, having to immigrate to WWEF and put a strain on the forum, something that I for one feel such great sympathy towards.

    MP 2.0 came around without the SB and the forum thrived again, but not as much...The great pain caused by the SB put a non-reversible scar on the image of the forum and even his Vice-President Adam Muuuftah couldn't help raise the prestige of the forum.

    It would be merged with Smack Down Hotel, giving over the land of the people to Andy Badwool, leaving Puls3 to flee and make a new sovereign nation; Game Ventures. When this didn't work out, Puls3 recreated a wrestling forum with a generic name to make people forget about how terrible MP 1.0's shoutbox was and how great minds like Vice and Jay were once his Co-Vice(lol) Presidents.

    But the people NEVER FORGET, Puls3. the ShoutBox is an open door immigration source for the worst in society like Dylan Derch, Conan and Jeremy to leech off the resources of the site, not to contribute to threads at all, making the forum look stagnant to people, causing Butters, Frie and many more to immigrate to WWEF.

    You know the deal Puls3, the marks of TWF need a leader who can bring good wrestling discussion BACK to TWF, if you can't do it then maybe me and and my party will.

    Yours not sincerely at all and this is a joke, Ovalhead.
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  2. Down with the shout box
  3. #Pipebomb
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. If it results in us getting more members like Butters I hope he installs shout boxes on every site he owns. I'm assuming his next venture will be
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  7. Did you max out the thread title? TLDR just the title alone Oval.
  8. Whats a shoutbox?
  9. You goon hahah.
  11. An XenForo chatbox
  12. we know who you are lad
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  13. LOL That was an interesting post.
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  14. omg
  15. who are you "lad"
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