Reagan Cole

The Reagmaster

Main Eventer
Reagan Cole

Personal Details:

Nicknames: "The British Apprentice"
Representation: John Krasinski
Billed-From: Essex, England
Age: 33
Height:5 ft 11 in
Weight: 215lbs
Disposition: Face

Gimmick: Regarded as one of the best tacticians in the wrestling world today, Reagan started out as a kid on the streets before starting to fight at a local fight club. From there Reagan learnt about pro wrestling and he slowly started to get into that business with his first major big break happening with IWT. Skip around 11 years and he's fought some major names and competed in some major companies like NGW and RWK (*wink* *wink* ) now after being through it all, he has a four year old with the daughter of Roy Gibson, Sara Gibson and all he wants to do is relax but that's probably not going to happen is it?

In-Ring Attire: Jean shorts with knee pads over them, elbow pads along with tape on both hands


Entrance Attire : A maroon jacket with a t-shirt supporting a band, a superhero or even other people on the card if he's feeling nice.

Theme music: Wire Walker - All Good Things

Entrance: Suddenly the strikes of the drum hit the PA system that proclaim the imminent arrival of LDWs British Apprentice, The electric guitar takes over as the crowd builds up their anticipation before finally the opening line of "I stop the world and walked away, I was melting in." breaks in and Reagan Cole makes his presence known as he walks through the curtain and there is a massive smirk on his face as he wears a maroon jacket as well as a t-shirt proudly showcasing ____. Reagan stands there soaking the reaction because no matter how many times he hears it, nothing beats the crowd massively reacting to him.

*add commentary*

After a couple moments Reagan stretches his arms as he starts to walk down the ramp, high fiving some fans as he goes, he stretches his neck trying to get himself as he can be for the upcoming contest. By now he's reached the ringside area as Reagan completes a full lap of the ring, still slapping hands with a few people while he looks directly at the ring, probably going through his entire strategy one more time in his head. Then he suddenly darts away from the crowd, leaping onto the apron and holding himself against the ropes. He stands and slips inside, quickly hopping up to the middle buckle so he can hear the crowd reaction one more time. Before jumping off the turnbuckle landing feet first onto the mat, again making sure that nothing will go wrong and take his plan off track. That's probably the same reason why Reagan then bounces off the ropes to check their flexibility as he waits for either the opponent to show up or the referee to start the match.


In-Ring Style: Brawler/Catch Wrestling

Finishers: The Cole Lock (Heel Hook),

The Fire of Cole (Kotaro Krusher)

Signatures: Kickstart (Front Chop Block), Invented suplex, Disasterpiece (Regal Stretch while repeatedly Headbutting the opponent)

Other Common moves: Diving footstomp, headbutt, tornado snap suplex, catch throw transition into a double wrist lock, Fujiwara Armbar, Bridging Northern Lights Suplex, Single leg liontamer, Neckbreaker onto knee, gutbuster, scoop powerslam, Back Suplex against the barricade, rear naked choke, forearm clubs to the chest, Olympic slam, grounded elbows, Dragon Screw Leg Whip, Running Knee Lift, Forearm Smash, Running Single Leg Dropkick, Dragon Sleeper, Double Underhook Knee Strikes, Straight Jacket Clutch, Single Leg Camel Clutch, Clothesline to the back of the head..
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Full Biography: (Will be added later)

Important Side Characters:

Sara Cole - Rep: Emily Blunt - Formerly Sara Gibson, Sara is the best friend and wife to Reagan Cole (7 years this year) and also the mother to his kid, Sara is a caring human being who inherited the fight club from her dad, Roy Gibson so clearly don't mess with her.
Roy Gibson - Rep: Bruce Campbell - The mentor/father figure to Reagan who brought him into the fight club and taught him how to properly fight. Now retired from fighting so he will only show up every now and then but when he does, you better expect some good advice!
Xavier DeCollins - A good friend of Reagan and fellow fighter. He's a former wrestler who moved over from America, almost won a tag team championship with British Kid that one time.
Alexander Tyler- Another friend who's a lot more energetic than the other guys, knows a lot about comics and is suspected to be The British Kid but nobody really knows because he doesn't end his words with a o.
Nate Knight - The one friend who isn't a wrestler. He's some hotshot in a company that we can't mention because he uses the fight club as a escape from all the stress and paparazzi. Because of his position, he's real good at cameras so he's a occasional cameraman as well.

Past Accomplishments:
Managed Aaron Harrows, Xavier Decollins, British Kid as well as Anarchy Inc.
IWT Royal Rumble 2017 Winner
RWK European Champion as Aaron Harrows
UNWC 12 Hour Briefcase
The last UNWC Universal Champion
IWT British Champion
IWS Hardcore Champion
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