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  1. I thought I talk about the Real Americans today. I think these two are great and should be the tag champions right now. You have Swagger who has been World Champion before who is a good submission wrestler and Cesaro who has so much strength to pick up these big guys. I think this is the best team WWE has right now.

    What do you think of them? When do you think they will win a Tag Team Championship?
  2. right now they are my favorite team and they have been winning matches lately. WWE has been pushing them with wins but they keep failing to win the titles so idk.
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  3. I think they need to be built up more. Personally, I like the team and their gimmick. They have a good manager that can work the mic, and they both have great ring skills. If they weren't jobbing so much, and were made to be a bit more serious, they could be a solid team to take on the Rhodes brothers. Nonetheless I still enjoy watching them, possibly my favorite team today.
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  4. I like the team. It's a good use of both Ceasro and Swagger, plus they have a great manager like Coulter who can work the mic. Hearing him speak and trash whatever town they're in or trash whatever opponents the Real Americans are facing on any given night is one of the few things I look forward to when I tune into Raw.

    I'm hoping The Real Americans are the chosen team to defeat the Rhodes for the tag team titles, either at the Rumble or Elimination Chamber.
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  5. I'm certain The Real Americans will defend the titles against the Usos at Wrestlemania. It would be a great match, Zeb can rip into them, and they're being kept apart at the moment.
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  6. Probably the best tag team going right now in the WWE. And they feel like a tag team. Love their matches, obvious that Swags and Cesaro enjoy working together.
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  7. At first I wasn't that fond of the pairing because I wanted Cesaro to go solo, but now I'm glad they made Cesaro and Swagger a team. They're the best team in the WWE right now in my opinion, and you can just tell that they click together in the ring. All of their matches are enjoyable, and hopefully they get the tag gold in the near future.
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  8. This plus with Zeb as a mouthpiece they just get so much heat yet are still over with fans who cheer them as well as boo.
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  9. straight up, the "wwe universe" selection on RAW was bullshit, and i 100% believe it's scripted now, no way in fuck people wanted to see the giant and a midget over the RA, they are one of very few heels that get pops.

    WEED! The people!
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  10. One question I do have though is why Cesaro is in The Real Americans despite not being American?
  11. Because in Zeb Coulter's eyes, Ceasro is a prime example of a foreigner who still respects American values and fits the mold of what a true American should be. That's what I find unique about the pairing, that one is born and raised in America and the other is not but is proud to be a citizen of this country regardless.
  12. Thought as such but never fully got it. Only because Cesaro is obviously proud of his heritage as well using the European upoercut.
  13. The Real Americans are one of my favourite things in WWE right now and have been for the last few months. They're talented, they have a good manager in Zeb Colter, and they're over with the crowd. They really should be tag team champions by now.
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