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  1. With Cesaro being in the chamber, and Swagger losing not once, but twice to Christian, do you think they're on the verge of splitting up? The tension seemed to rise up between them more at Raw with Swagger getting more angry and Cesaro looking at him in disappointment. How long do you give this team before they break up, or will they have the slim chance of actually staying together?
  2. Absolutely. And The breakup would be grand for them.

    Wither he win's or loses in the chamber, there could be a great storyline to be held.
  3. The moment Zeb slapped Swag, it was apparent to me that a split is coming soon, very soon.
  4. It's a damn shame. Both are pretty damn good technical wrestlers. If there is a breakup, where will Colter go? I don't imagine Cesaro would stay with Colter, especially since WWE wants him face.
  5. Personally, I would like to see the real americans give the boot to Swagger and live on as Cesaro and Krueger from NXT, but thats probably unlikely.
  6. Why Kruger? Cesaro beat him 2 weeks ago on NXT.
  7. Right. I thought I heard that Krueger was trying to impress Zeb and Cesaro and join the Real Americans? Maybe I'm mistaken.
  8. If WWE wants their tag team division to remain strong, then I think it's in their best interest to keep the Real Americans as a duo for a little while longer. Right now, they seem to be losing a whole lot of teams at once - Rollins and Reigns no longer express any interest in going after the tag team championships (and haven't since they lost the straps, really), Tons Of Funk are no longer a team, the Outlaws are strictly part-time (I assume they are anyway, this current run seems designed as just one last hurrah for them), the Rhodes are breaking apart soon, the Prime Time Players just split and now the Real Americans might be splitting, too. That leaves the Usos and The El Matadores as the only existing teams, plus whatever makeshift tag team(s) they come up with (Mysterio/Cara, Mysterio/Show, Show/Henry, etc.) Not exactly the division at it's strongest, even factoring in that The Ascension will debut sooner than later.
  9. I would like to see Cesaro away from Swagger, mostly because I don't like Swagger- but @KLock is right about the state of the division. It's really sad, tag teams were my favourite part of the WWE way, way back.
  10. Well Mark Henry could team with Big E. after he loses the IC title, those two seemed to have some fun together. Don't forget R-Truth & Xavier Woods, RybAxel and 3MB.
    But idk if they want to call up the ascension just yet because that would leave only Certified Gs as the tag team down in NXT.
  11. Forgot all about Ryback and Axel (easy to see why.) Truth and Woods are a pretty decent team I suppose but 3MB are a joke and exist only to put people over in squash matches, whether it be against other tag teams or not. Still, the more teams there are, the better (at least if you care about the tag division, which I don't really.) The Real Americans could make for a good feud over the titles with the Usos, who I assume are defeating the Outlaws for the titles at Mania.
  12. I hope they split as Cesaro is picking up momentum towards a face turn. Shown in the RR by the swing he was smiling and laughing with the crowd. Plus he's a boss so be cool to see him get pushed.
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