Real and Fake injuries list, (WWE and TNA)

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  1. This list is always updated when someone is out of action, (real or fake_, and it tell you the reason and whether it's real or fake or not. I find it pretty helpful.

  2. i like how they said it's all part of a storyline, hope something good happens if we wait patiently :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  3. I'm curious on how they'll make Ryder return. Atm he's being used to change Cena's character, but I can't see him returning to take on Kane lol.
  4. I can't see that either and now with Ryder out of action for the near future, it's only Kane and Cena left now, unless somebody else is going to get involved before these two actually get to fight.
  5. Watch Cena absolutely destroy Kane on Sunday.. lol
  6. Eve is sort of involved, but she won't get involved in the fight. I'm also curious, I can't see Kane losing clean else he's only just revamped himself, and I can't see Cena losing clean because... it's Cena. Hmm.

    I hope not.
  7. I'm hoping Cena wins by beating the hell out of Kane cleanly, then using weapons an adding on to the destruction of Kane.
  8. This could be epic if Cena lost by DQ. The hate kind of getting to him. Having Kane smile as Cena beats him down with a chair. Cena hints at his heel turn and Kane is a sick monster.
  9. Would still be seen as Kane getting buried unless they REALLY play on Kane smiling. Or perhaps have it as Cena is so wound up, Kane just stands there with his arms open whilst Cena beats the crap out of him.
  10. You make it sound like Kane is indestructable lol
  11. He's just come back from years of jobbing to Masked Kane. Everyone goes nuts because it's one of the most legendary characters in WWE. In his first feud he gets squashed? How bad will that make Kane look? Kane is enjoyable to watch now, the last thing people want is him to get squashed again. Hence why I want Kane to either win or let Cena win.
  12. That's what he was when he debuted essentially an indestructible silent monster. I kind of want that Kane back.

    @[Crayo] Kane's goal in this feud is to make Cena embrace the hate no to beat him. Having Kane smile and doing his psychotic laugh whilst Cena tees off on him with the chair. Kane loses the battle ( the match) but wins the war ( Cena breaks his moral code). He's the man who broke the ultimate good guy. If that doesn't put him over then what would?
  13. Yep, that's why I want that to happen. If Kane wins I'd want them to play on "Perhaps if Cena embraced the hate he would of won..." thus extending the feud. Just don't want Cena to win clean.
  14. Cena draws in better then Kane does though, so wouldn't Kayfabe make it so Cena wins epicly? Say he de-masks Kane after the match, then AA's him through the announcer table?
  15. If that happens I'd stop watching every single Cena segment. That. Will. Not. Happen. Doesn't matter if Cena draws, doesn't mean Kane is going to get absolutely abolished. They'd never ruin Kane like that straight away.
  16. That would get him some nice heat imo. People have wanted masked Kane back for a while so for Cena to troll us all by ripping the mask off would make the Cena sucks chants louder .
  17. :thumbup: