Real Life Gimmicks

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  1. If a wrestler's gimmick was true to life, like they were how they act in the WWE in real life, what would their job be? This means they are not wrestlers but their ring gimmick reflects what their job title would be.
  2. Big E- Dance instructor
    Braun Strowman- Bouncer
    Bray Wyatt- Airboat captain
    Bo Dallas- Motivational speaker
    John Cena- Charity founder
    Kane- Fireman
    Goldust- Cash for gold
    Cesaro- worker in a chocolate factory
    Dean Ambrose- Mechanic
    Stardust- Astronaut
    Ryback- chef
    Roman Reigns- SWAT team member
    Titus O Neil- gym teacher/football coach
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  3. Haha I can actually see Big E teaching dance. Would be so awkward too lol
  4. I can see Daniel Bryan being a teacher, not sure which subject. He would just scream yes or no depending on the answer he is given by his students. lol
  5. Big E would be a glorious dance instructor.
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  6. All the divas: prostitutes.
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