Real Madrid vs Barca Discussion Thread (El Classico)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Possibly the biggest match all season in any league. Real Madrid, top of the league, vs Barcelona who are catching them. 4 points separate them atm.

    The match is at the Camp Nou, Barcelona's stadium.

    Can't freaking wait. Though expect a ton of dives etc.
  2. I have to go fucking talk to these noobs about a job at the same time this match starts. I at least better be able to catch the 2nd half.
  3. Unlucky, I'm not sure when kick off is. The pre-show starts at half 6 here so it could be a 7pm kick off or half 7. (GMT)
  4. Man Sky Sports are good at hyping up games.
  5. Nice start by Real, they're the only team who can go to Camp Nou and pass like Barca.
  6. Crayo post your ass off ITT so when I get home I'll have a detailed recap of what I've missed. See you guys hopefully soon


    Crayo post your ass off ITT so when I get home I'll have a detailed recap of what I've missed. See you guys hopefully soon
  7. Alright I'll treat this as a lone discussion thread.

    Real Madrid 1-0 ahead. Corner came in, header from Pepe, saved from Valdes, Khedira pops in the rebound. Real Madrid thoroughly deserve the lead, they're outplaying Barca completely.
  8. I'm in! Whats up guys?
  9. Nothing on the Edinburgh derby final on May 18th :emoji_wink:

    I'm in as well chaps..
  10. They got an awesome ref today. His nickname is "An english style referee" which in Spain is a compliment as he doesn't book everyone for everything, important in this game as it's filled with cheating divers.

    Barca upping the tempo now, having more possession, Real still defending beautifully.
  11. Madrid are definitely the best counter attacking team in world football. Ronaldo and Benzema dominating when they break, Messi hasn't had hardly any of the ball, Barca pass around in midfield but are just getting countered.
  12. Barca really dominating possession now, no chances at all though atm. The Real Madrid defence intercepting everything.
  13. Once again, Barca trying to dive and roll and roll to try and get Real players booked. I despise Alvez.
  14. Woah what a chance for Xavi, what a save, but goal kick given.
  15. Messi is playing more like a play maker than a striker today. Tellejon looks a massive talent though, young player.
  16. Half time, 1-0 Madrid. As soon as they scored they started pressing less and wanted Barca to have more of the ball. They've settled down into counter-attacking mode which is lethal. We've seen little of Messi, Ronaldo's looked on form today, Barca looked frustrated and haven't created many chances at all.
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  17. Khedira the boss. :boss:
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  18. Sounds like a good half.

    Just in time for the 2nd half. Real basically clinches the league with a win do they not?
  19. Well effectively they'll win, not mathematically but they'll win yeah. Even if they draw they've basically won.
  20. 1st mistake from the ref all game, that was a wonderful tackle.
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