Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Part II

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. That's on tonight people!

    Bayern won the first leg 2-1 at home but Real Madrid got hast all important away goal and are on hot form right now after beating Barca. Obviously as a Madrid fan I want Real to win, but I think they will :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. iHala Madrid!
  3. Real passes, but I think we'll get the draw in this one. :otunga:
  4. If Bayern draw then they've won.

    I want Ronaldo to destroy them tonight.
  5. Pepe to KILL Ribery and Robben, please.
  6. I'd replace Robben with Gomez.

    I like Robben, Ribery is a cheat, Gomez is an overrated idiot who gets tap-ins but is now being compared to Messi/Ronaldo by Bayern fans.
  7. Or Ivica Oli? (The G.O.A.T.).
  8. Oli? would've sneak into the goal, lulz.
  9. Fuck Olic.

    Ozil - GOAT CAM
  10. Oli? is a fucking marathon dog.

    OZIL owns.
  11. Also, another underrated player, Benzema. He tore Barca to shreds.

    I can't think of a better striker in the world apart from RVP and Messi.
  12. I remember when Karim was being hyped as a superstar at Lyon, then he went to Madrid and kind of lost his way. I guess he's found his feet out there now?
  13. I'm shocked you didn't try to sneak in a backdoor compliment for Rooney rightdere
  14. Forgot about Rooney, he's better than both RVP and Benzema.

    And yeah Seabs, before Mourinho came he was a sub basically. Mourinho started him and made him epic I guess.
  15. On in 3 mins after this commercial break. Ya'll better be watching, my boy Ronaldo gonna tear them apart!
  16. And... Here we go!
  17. What a view. What a stadium. As the commentators say, the most intimidating ground in world football.
  18. Madrid dominating. As expected.
  19. I don't think Rooney's arse is anything special, to be honest.
  20. Penalty already! Come on Madrid!!
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