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  1. When mankind was thrown off hell in a cell in 1998 by undertaker was that actually 'real' or was it just scripted and fake?

    GOD how i miss that era :emoji_slight_frown:
  2. You can't fake it, it was scripted to happen as Foley and Funk had discussed being thrown from a cage before. Apparently The Undertaker had a broken foot / toe at the time so was the most hesitant to climb up.
  3. Like seabs said, being thrown off a 20ft structure can't be faked. Especially into one measly table. Foley. Is. God.
  4. IT WAS REAL AS REAL CAN BE! Mick is 1 crazy dude when it come to let people needly kill him! It was plan to have been but u can't fake being though 20ft down into a table!
  5. didn't the WWE get in trouble from the law by that stunt that was pulled?
  6. Don't think they've ever gotten into trouble there was that incident with New Jack in ECW.
  7. no he talking about with Owen Hart! Which that did! that paid Owen Wife like 3 million dollar if I remember am correctly?
  8. "didn't the WWE get in trouble from the law"

    Wasn't that a civil dispute after? I assume the law is a police investigation which I can't recall their being with the Owen Hart incident.
  9. Foley was knocked unconscious by that spot iirc
  10. I know wife got a lot of money for the incident in a sement from WWE so she she the WWE! I think it was like 3 million dollar if remember corretly? Which also why people were laugh at her like 2 year when she try to sue WWE for WWE "sopost" talking about Owen Hart on TV! Which was a lie the ownly time that WWE talk about Owen was on Harts DVD or DVD that has matchest with Owen Hart in then would WWE is alot to do since Owen was under contract with WWE!
  11. suprised they didn't get into trouble for endangering the life of foley
  12. Apparently it was his idea.
  13. Yes it was filets idea. The second bump through the cage was accidental! Thats the one that knocked him unconscious he didint remember finishing the match and sake infer taker if he remembered to use the thumbtacks.... Go to the library and look up some of micks autobiographies!

    Filets....f u autocorrect.... That's Micks idea
  14. [yt][/yt]
  15. The incident in which seabs is referring to was known as the "Mass Transit Indecent."

    I had actually watched said video and it was disturbing to say the least. It involved a tag team match at a house show between what was supposed to be Axl Rotten and D-von Dudley vs. New Jack and Mustafa... or someone similar to that name. Anyway, Axl Rotten never showed up to that show due to an injury or something, so they replaced him with a 17 year old kid going by the ring name "Mass Transit." He was able to participate because he was like... 400 pounds and looked older.

    New Jack cut the kid pretty bad, and he lost a lot of blood. I guess he sued ECW or New Jack or someone because the match wasn't stopped. I linked the vid for those who want to see but its nasty, just a warning.
  16. Both the falls in the KOTR match are real and why is a legend for putting his body on the line like that for our entertainment. I still get chills when he goes through the cell plus if u watch closely Taker is very briefly concerned before showboating as Foley recovers it's an epic match and one that should and will be remembered for all time.

    Regards the mass transit incident ive seen it and it's so wrong. Also there was the new jack incident where he apparently tried killing vic grimes in xcw by pushing him to far off a scaffold after vic grimes had injured new jack in a stunt in ecw a few years earlier.

    Heres the link

  17. It was real.

    His family got 18 million dollars, not 3 million.
  18. New Jack should be in jail, he's done so many fucked up things.
  19. Theres also one where he's wrestling for some crappy indie wrestling company and some Gypsy Joe who's like ninety no sells his moves so yet again New Jack basically beats the crap outta him it's just sick and wrong.

    Link [video=youtube][/video]
  20. I spent the last 20 minutes doing some research on New Jack. All I can say is that I agree with Kanenite95. He attempted to murder 2 people, 1 by covering it up as a match accident (see vic grimes). He also attempted to murder a wrestler he was mad at at an indie show by stabbing him 9 times. When the cop arrived, he told New Jack that if he taught him to wrestle and took him on the road with him he would drop the charges. Eff'd up stuff.

    Full confessions:

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